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Prediction of Death

Title Card: "DICE." Then another title card announcing that we're a hundred miles outside Palm City and ten years ago. Now that the reading is out of the way, we get a slow pan across creepy doll faces as we hear a girl rolling dice and saying numbers. Judging by the POV shot, she's got some kind of computer-vision where everything she sees gets covered by information pop-ups. She's using this to predict the results of each roll, which is the sort of ability that can come in handy. I bet she's great at D&D.

A scientist named Henry watches her via a monitor and tells Peter Fleming that she's a savant. But instead of having perfect memory or the ability to play any song on the piano, she can predict the future because of quantum mechanics. That suggests that this show is going to start having more superpowers as we go along, right? Henry goes on to exposit that her name is Tracy, she's a sociopath, and she knows they're talking about her. The idea is that they're going to figure out how her brain works. Peter would like to meet her. Well, that seems safe!

Henry leads Peter into the room where Tracy is hanging out with her dice and her creepy dolls. Peter compliments her on being so clever, and she answers, "You're the one. You're the one who's gonna kill my father. And then I'm gonna kill you." Oh, okay.

Palm City, today. Peter is giving a presentation about seeing the future with data mining. Then he introduces "T.R.A.C.E." which stands for Total Retrieval Analytics & Collection Extraction. It's also pronounced "Tracy," which doesn't seem right. Dos that mean the girl from the opening scene is named "Trace" instead? Don't care. His claims suggest that it's a handheld device that will let you predict the future. "With a probability ratio that is indistinguishable from pure fact." Okay, so he's got a portable handheld version of Tracy. Mena Suvari is watching from the audience, and she's got twitchy eyes and a necklace with pewter dice. We'll be calling her "Dice" in this, because it's more fun with cool comic-book names.

Title Card: "OUR FATE IS FIXED." Dana tries to make conversation with Trip about comic book stores and her job, but he just asks to be excused. Well, at least he's polite about it. Vince is all Caped Up and watches from across the street. Dana glances out the open window and he waves his cape and ducks behind a chimney. The gust of wind knocks a dish out of Dana's hand, so I don't think Vince has achieved his goal of being 100% unobtrusive. He leaps from rooftop to rooftop (at least fifty feet, I'd say) and returns to his lair.

At said lair, there's a folder full of police records for the Carnival of Crime. That one lady I don't know the name of is "Raia, Ellen Detroit." Finally! We cut over to the circus set, where Ruvi, Raia, and Rollo find their records hilarious. Then Max tosses them all in a fire. Vince is a little whiny about hanging out with criminals, but Max tells him about Alice in Wonderland. See, Vince is Alice and everyone else is Wonderland. Vince complains about his family, and we get a flashback to Vince and Dana canoodling on the couch. And Vince got an email from Orwell. Not a very interesting flashback, honestly.

Max thinks Vince should quit complaining about the past. Vince claims he knows how to solve crimes, so all he needs to do is "pin one of the Chess murders on Fleming." Seems like that would be easier if you were trained to frame people. Maybe he should work with one of the crooked cops he knows.

Flashback Vince calls Marty to tell him he's going out to the train yard. As Vince heads for the door, Trip wants him to play Monopoly. Vince demurs on the grounds that it's 2:00 AM, which is a valid reason in my opinion. Trip tries to bet with his father, offering that if he rolls a 10, Vince will stay. Vince doesn't go for it, but Trip rolls anyway. In slow motion, the dice show a 10. Vince leaves. Back in present day, Vince adds a picture of Dana to his wall of crazy news clippings.

Fleming walks into a room full of people in tuxedos playing craps and roulette. This show has a lot of casino nights, doesn't it? Peter announces that they all have a thousand dollars in credit courtesy of ARK. Dice also enters and computerizes the whole situation. Fleming is at the craps table, so she mouths "five" at Fleming, and that's what he rolls. Ditto "nine." She stands next to him, and he asks if he knows her. She calls him "Peter." He misses a roll, then she picks up the dice, blows on them, and says the magic word is "dice." He shakes the dice around and then rolls a six. He's shocked! In slow motion! And then we see a woman running up some stairs and the dice explode. Kaboom!

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