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Prediction of Death

Title Card: "GOD IS THE DICE." Elliott Gould (!) asks Peter if he remembers anything. Gould appears to be his personal physician. Fleming is full of ennui. Gould asks, "Any visits from our friend?" There have been none. He pronounces Fleming to be physically fit. Marty enters with a picture of the woman from last night. He recommends cancelling the T.R.A.C.E. launch. No deal. Wait. I mean "No dice." Ha! Fleming wants Dice found. "Find her. I don't care how. Bring her to me."

Orwell and Vince are watching the explosion over and over. Frankly, the only way I know they're not watching Mythbusters is that I recognize the people in the clip. Orwell has footage showing Trace palming the dice and magically walking where people aren't looking. Vince recognizes her as the daughter of Henry Jarrett, who was Chess's first victim years earlier. Vince expresses admiration for someone taking a shot at Peter Fleming, and Orwell immediately shuts down her computer and prepares to stomp out. "You're the problem. You don't think. Good luck getting your family back," she spits. She claims she doesn't want to talk about it. Then she explains that Trace clearly knows that Peter Fleming is Chess, and if Chess dies, Vince will never be able to clear his name. Yeah, but on the other hand, the evil serial-killer supervillain will be taken care of. It seems a little selfish for Vince to put his homesickness ahead of the greater good. But that's just what he does, because it looks like he's going to start protecting Fleming.

Orwell's motivation for not killing Fleming is not explained at all. It's possible that she doesn't want to kill her father (which we haven't been told yet, although we all know it's true). And it's possible that Vince doesn't want to just let Fleming get murdered. But neither of those are mentioned in the show, so it just looks to me like Vince would rather let Chess kill people and enforce a ruthless and corrupt reign of terror over the helpless citizens of Palm City than take a chance that he won't be able to clear his name. Wotta jerk.

Vince kicks in a door. We're in Dice's apartment. The walls are covered with crazy-person stuff. You can tell someone's crazy when their walls have lots of newspaper clippings connected to eat other with brightly-colored string. Vince's clippings don't have any string connecting them, so he's only a little crazy. On a mirror in the middle of the wall, Dice has written "God does not play dice with the universe. God is the dice." Orwell's concern is that Dice can predict the future, which means she can figure out who the Cape is. I'm not sure those are the same thing, but okay. There's no time to dwell on it, because Just Then! Dice is in there and holding a gun to Orwell's head. Then she whops Orwell with the barrel, shoots vaguely in the direction of Vince, and runs off.

Title Card: "CHEMISTRY." Dice runs through a basement or something that's full of pipes. She takes a moment to open a valve. Vince gets there, but he calls out to her while he's kind of separated from her by some pipes. She tells him that it's a shame they can't work together, and that he's a blind spot. Why is Vince a blind spot? Is it because the cape has some kind of magical property that cancels out her magical ability to see the future? Sure, let's go with that. She smirks and announces that her ride is there. Just then! The ARK cops show up and take her. Back at her apartment (which you'd think the cops would want to check out, but they aren't there yet) Orwell follows the brightly colored strings around and determines that Dice will be trying to kill Fleming at 1:00 at a restaurant called the Violin. Orwell offers to give Vince a ride, but he claims that he travels faster on his own. So Vince is claiming that he runs faster than Orwell's awesome sports car? And he's going to have to change into the Cape, too. But off he goes.

Dice is brought to meet Peter Fleming at a fawncy restaurant. (Note to editor: Yes, "fawncy.") [Editor's Note: "Fawncy" accepted here! -- Mindy] She asks for her compact, which is brought to her immediately. Fleming dismisses all the police while Dice checks her makeup in the teeny mirror. She reflects some light into the eyes of the bartender behind her, and he drops some glasses. She uses the distraction to lean down and roll a coin away down the carpet. Then she makes chit-chat with Peter while we see cutaways of the coin rolling into the kitchen and Vince climbing ladders and stuff. The discussion is basically about free will vs. determinism or something. See, "dice" is random, but "chess" isn't. The bartender dumps out the glass and sees the coin, which has rolled all the way into the kitchen's mop closet. When he bends over, he bumps a mop into the sink. Dice makes a reference to chess and mentions who she is. Fleming is pretty casual about the whole thing, saying, "Yes, Tracy. I killed your father. How can we get past that?" The water overflows and causes a short circuit. She says she wants the T.R.A.C.E. technology, and Peter hands it over. Well, a copy of it, anyway. It's already going into mass production. And there's a big party about that in three days. He thinks he caught her off-guard. Vince enters and shoves Peter away from the table, just as a chandelier falls on it. ARK cops show up, so Vince smoke-bombs away. Dice ran away, too.

Title Card: "FUNAMBULISM." Orwell has a bunch of security camera feeds, which lead to Dice sitting still on a rooftop for two hours staring at the ARK building. She's got CGI floorplans in her vision. Vince thinks he's clever when he says, "She's planning something" and "That's Fleming's building." Vince wants to crash the investors' party in three days, but Orwell says there will be security. So he needs to parachute in or something.

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