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Title card: "GOGGLES AND HICKS." And off we go to THE MIDDLE OF A FIELD IN AFGHANISTAN, where a crazy-looking person is demanding to know, "What do you want from me?" Whoops, back to New York. Was that it for Afghanistan? A guy wearing weird glasses (they look a lot like Blue Blockers) radios, "Goggles to Hicks. The Hamster is in the microwave." And after some more technogibberish, the crazy guy dies of a hole in his chest. A guy in a ghillie suit stands up and drops the tarot card The Chariot. ."Pleased to meet you, Mr. Tyson," says Goggles. Okay, so Goggles is an overweight fella in a van, and Hicks is a sniper. Got it.

And now we're 200 miles outside Palm City. We're moving around way too much, if you ask me. Although I guess Palm City might be really close to New York. Or Afghanistan. I don't know why we have to go 200 miles out of town just to get to a not-very-interesting field. Fleming gets out of a limo, and walks over to Goggles, who is in a wheelchair and wears silly-looking glasses and a flannel vest. Goggles puts on a latex glove before he shakes Fleming's hand. He tells Fleming that he won't get to meet Hicks, because "the only people he meets, he kills." Hicks is driving the van that I didn't mention earlier. There's a van here. Fleming hands Goggles that one issue of The Cape we keep seeing, and Goggles identifies it as "The Cape #106. Written by Trevor Pooley. Pencils by DJ Chester. Near mint, slight crease on the back cover." He assumes he's supposed to kill one of the creators. "A pencil through the eye. Now that'd be ironic!" Fleming explains that he wants the real The Cape killed, so Goggles carefully explains that it's a comic book and therefore not real. After Fleming explains about the real guy he's dealing with, Goggles tells him that they work slowly and carefully. Fleming's in a hurry: "I will pay double if he's dead in 24 hours." "A comic book hero. This'll be a fascinating study," muses Goggles.

Title card: "CAPE'S DAY OFF." That would be a great plot hook for a show that had been going on for years and years, but this is only the sixth episode. I don't think he's been on the job long enough to accrue any significant vacation time. Vince wakes up in his lair. I still think it's weird that his bed is dangling on chains from the ceiling. If you're outfitting your secret crimelab by hand, wouldn't you just put your bed on the floor? An insert shot tells us that it's September 3, which I'm pretty sure is completely irrelevant information. I guess it tells us that the crazy world of The Cape uses the same calendar as the one in the real world, as though anyone was wondering about that. He looks sadly at the picture of Dana on his wall of clippings, and we flash back to this time he made out with his wife in the kitchen. She tries to distract him by asking, "How do you want your eggs?" His answer: "Fertilized." Ew. Trip walks in and clears his throat. "I'll pretend I didn't see this if you make pancakes. And just so you both know, I'd rather have a dog." Vince looks sad. If I'd had to be in that scene, I'd look sad too.

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