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Circus time! Max and Ruvi appear to be arguing about something. Ruvi is unhappy about all this sneaking around, and he also doesn't think Vince should be part of the gang. Yeah, I'm kind of with Ruvi on this one. It seems like an ex-cop superhero is a bad fit for a gang of bank robbers. Meanwhile, Rollo and Raia are trying to open a safe. Well, Rollo's the one with the sledgehammer, but presumably Raia's helping somehow. Vince strolls in, claiming that he needs some coffee. Sure enough, there's a coffee machine in there. Almost immediately, Vince starts to leave, and Raia tells him he's all clammy. She jabs him and establishes that he's got broken ribs. She tries to give Vince a rubdown, but he begs off. Rollo volunteers, though. Max tells everyone to get back to work, except for Vince. Vince, he thinks, should take a day off and give himself time to heal. Vince insists that he needs to be fighting every second of the day and night. After Vince leaves, Max walks over to the safe and opens it by pulling on the handle. Hilarity ensues.

Goggles and Hicks are in a van full of gizmos. You know, lots of monitors. That sort of thing. Okay, it's almost all monitors, but I think there's an implication of other non-monitor gizmos. Goggles enthuses about being like the Legion of Doom, since they get to hunt down a superhero. Then he reflects on how kids used to watch more cartoons, which leads to his belief that kids today don't eat enough sugar. Hicks sharpens a knife and asks how they'll find the Cape without knowing his secret identity. Goggles intends to use Orwell to find him.

Vince gets home to the Capelair and Orwell tells him that Scales wants to meet with the Cape. How do they know it's not a trap? Because Orwell "traced the IP." Well, then. Even if that made sense, it would only answer the question "How do they know it's really Scales?" not "How do they know Scales isn't setting them up?"

The meeting is in a church! Scales thinks it's creepy. Goggles watches on an infrared display (or something) and hopes that the Cape takes the bait. Scales muses about the separation of church and crime as he and his goon walk through the apse. To be perfectly honest, I have no idea what an apse is, so I might be completely wrong. Is that even part of a church? I'm not thinking of an adze, am I? This is why I sometimes stall out 80% of the way through a crossword puzzle. Finally, The Cape interrupts them, which I think we're all glad about. Their conversation is a lot of "So?" and "What?" because neither of them realize that the other one didn't set up the meeting. From a hidden nook (I want it to be the narthex, but I know that it isn't), Hicks takes aim and shoots at Vince. The displays in the van go wacky, because the tracking dart didn't penetrate the cape. Scales and Vince continue to talk past each other. Vince calls Scales "Scales," so Scales has his minion get beat up by Vince. When is Scales going to realize that The Cape is better than the Goon League? Finally, Scales declares the whole thing creepy and leaves. Vince sags in pain and Hicks shoots. It sticks, and Vince's vitals pop up on a monitor. [How did he not feel that? - Z] Goggles: "Tag."

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The Cape




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