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Goggles tells Hicks to take his time, because Vince has nowhere to go. But Vince takes off his coat to reveal the cape. And Hicks wasn't ready for the Bumblebee to get Caped out of the air and smashed against a wall. Vince looks into the Bumblebee's camera and gives it a two-fingered "My eyes. Your eyes." move before punching it in the face. The camera goes out. Orwell comes in to help study the bumblebee. Goggles still has a bead on Vince as a result of the dart from earlier.

Title Card: "DARKNESS FALLS." Trip sets up a webcam on the fire escape outside his window, because he wants to get proof of the Cape's existence. Dana wishes he'd spend that much time making new friends. So it looks like Vince's plan to give his son faith is just making everyone think he hallucinates comic book characters. Great job, hero. Dana leaves to go to a party at Marty's, and Just Then! The kid who lives on the floor below them barges in through the window to talk about werewolf droppings. He's Jerry and he's kind of obnoxious. Also, remember that time that Trip was really obsessive about not opening the door to strangers? That rule apparently doesn't apply to windows. Jerry tells him that he's hooked up the webcam wrong. "This will get you an image. But if you want to burn it onto your hard drive, you did it wrong." I don't know how he can tell that from just looking at the cable. You'd think he'd at least want to look at the computer it's connected to. Trip says he's watching for The Cape, who stops by sometimes. Jerry thinks that's cool.

Orwell hacks a whatzis she pulled out of the Bumblebee and Goggles's displays go down. "They found us. I daresay it's impossible, but they found us," muses Goggles. I may have used the word "muses" on Goggles already, but that's just because he muses almost everything.

Dana goes to Marty's party and demands to know why her e-mails are going unanswered. She has a picture of her public urination client, who has disappeared. Marty waves it off by saying he's homeless. And what about all the other people the ARK cops rounded up? Marty won't answer. Marty's wife asks if everything is okay, and Dana insists that Marty tell her what he knows. Marty equivocates, and Mrs. Marty throws Dana out.

Goggles tells Hicks that they're going dark. They remove their headsets and an orb rises out of the van. Trip's little friend Jerry plugs a device into an extension cord, and all the electricity in the city goes out. Jerry: "My bad." Orwell: "See what happens when you take a day off?"

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The Cape




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