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Title Card: "GANG WARS." Oh, delightful. We start with Dana and Trip leaving school. Trip wants to play XBox when he gets home, but Dana's a drag and wants him to do homework. Suddenly! Cars squeal through the road and tattooed hands fire submachine guns at policemen! Kapow! Ratatat-tat! Pew! Pew! A cop dies! Trip and Dana are hiding behind a car. Trip might be traumatized. Or he might just have the same non-expression he always does.

Commercials! And since there's a new ad for The Event, which I also recap, I shall provide you, for no extra charge, a The Event minicap: apparently they're aliens, and also they built the pyramids. Okay, now back to The Cape!

Title Card: "ORWELL IS NOT WATCHING." Dana tells a cop that she didn't see anything. And she resents the implication that it's a quiet neighborhood, which leads her a bit astray. So after yelling for a bit, she ends her rant by telling the cop that his people are corrupt and incompetent. Then she stomps off, satisfied in her righteousness. Vince, who has been watching this whole thing from about 20 feet away while wearing a not-at-all-suspicious hood, slouches up and picks up a backpack that was probably Trip's.

The docks. Peter Fleming is meeting with Scales. Fleming thinks Scales probably did the shooting, and Scales might be admitting it. There's a lot of posturing going on, so it's hard to tell what Scales is actually saying. Aside from "I hate Peter Fleming," of course. Fleming needs to show that he can run a police force so he can get a contract with the Chinese military. Is that how the Chinese government decides who's going to run their army? They look for small American towns with privately run police forces? Anyway, Fleming offers a deal, in which he has the business district and Scales is in charge of everything else. As he describes his plan to keep the gang lords in line, we hear Chess voice over a demand to be let out. "Time to pull over. Let me drive." Then Scales accepts. Before Chess even says anything out loud.

Back at the Capelair, Vince looks through the backpack and complains about firefights in residential neighborhoods. Orwell is playing computer solitaire, ignoring him. I thought she was opposed to the idea of taking time off. Then she walks out. Raia runs in, and she's got blood on her hands. "It's Rollo. He's hurt bad."

Rollo is at the circus. He doesn't look good. Max says Rollo is all busted up inside, because Scales had someone thug him up. Apparently Scales wants to expand his operation to the Trolley Park Amusement Park. Sure, why wouldn't you? And there's somebody named Razer being brought in, and he's a bomb-maker. Ruvi is mad at Vince for some reason, and they posture at each other. Max points out that they could just leave, since the circus is in a tent. Raia: "Are we pulling up stakes?" That's not a metaphor. They'd literally pull up the stakes.

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