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Scales on a Train

Title card: "BIRTHDAYS." Somewhere! The Monte Carlo Express will be leaving soon. Peter Fleming is in a white cowboy suit., which he thinks makes him look stupid. Marty tells him that the white hat and six-guns will help humanize him. Oh, Marty is currently Peter's head of security. Noted.

From a handy vantage point, Vince watches a policeman with his daughter. Cut to a flashback! In happier days, Vince made an appearance at Trip's class. Trip knows that Vince wears black so he doesn't show up at night. Then Vince brags about his gun and tells the kids to keep their doors locked so Chess the Serial Killer doesn't get them. Never open your door to a stranger, he emphasizes. Soothing! It's Trip's birthday, so it's at least a year earlier. Chess has been around awhile, then?

Trip reads a textbook, in which someone has written "RETURN TO MURDERURS KID." I like that it's misspelled, and that the "S" didn't quite fit. And for mean-spirited hazing, it's at least helpful, right? I mean, now people will be able to bring him back his book if he loses it.

Dana is stuck in traffic. She calls Travis to tell him that "the cake place was a zoo." Travis was going to Dana's place to meet about depositions, but she can't get there yet. The traffic jam is completely immobile. She tells Travis that Trip never opens the door for strangers. Then Dana's phone cuts out and she can't call Trip to tell him that Travis is coming over. She is frustrated, so she honks her horn. That always helps!

Travis gets to the Faraday place. Trip squints out the peephole and won't let Travis in. Travis knows it's Trip's birthday, but Travis could have Googled him. Trip has a huge Internet presence, I guess.

At the big whoopty-do prior to boarding the train, Scales shakes Fleming's hand and tells him "I know you're Chess." Right in front of cameras! Scales blackmails Fleming into introducing him to the mayor and letting him become the new supplier for all city developments. They have a pretty long discussion about it, and it looks like paparazzi are only five feet away. I'm not sure why the press is so excited about getting pictures of this. Orwell is mingling around, and Vince wants to know if she's getting all this. She gets snippy about him questioning her camera placement.

Vince is watching everything and uses his spyglass to identify the bellboy as Rollo. You don't really need a telescope for that. I mean, Rollo's kind of distinctive. And not a lot of bellboys carry pistols. Vince realizes the Carnival of Crime is planning on hitting the very same train he's hoping to use as the stage for some kind of Scales-Fleming scene. He'll have to get on that train!

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The Cape




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