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Beakers of Colored Water

The pilot leads right into this episode with a "ONE WEEK LATER." Vince is in a military surplus store, I think. A couple of thugs come in with shotguns to rob the place. That's crazy. Anyway, Vince lies down, then inches his cape out. He busts up the robbers and a couple of display cases.

"What do they call you?" "The Cape." "The Cape? Well... you'll work on it."

Vince stares moodily at the ARK building. "Moodily" means that he's not registering an emotion, but the camera holds on him long enough that someone must think something important is going on.

Richard Schiff! is Patrick Portman, the secretary of the Bureau of Prisons, and he does not want Peter Fleming to get control of the jails. Having established the episode's conflict, we are free to move on to the next scene, where someone does some alchemy or chemistry or something. There's a mortar and pestle. And a wok, and beakers of brightly colored liquid. He might just be deconstructing General Tso's Chicken.

Dana is watching a news story about "Who was Vince Faraday?" She looks around and discovers that Trip is up on the roof, reading his issue of The Cape. Really, he's just looking at that one two-page splash image, but I guess it's possible that he's remembering all the extra stuff that Vince said while "reading" that page to him. Dana tells Trip that she's in charge and that he needs to go downstairs. He ignores her, so she snatches the comic away. He stares at her impassively (the jury's still out on whether the young actor has any other moves) and goes.

Peter Fleming's place. There's an intruder! It's Vince, who manages to riffle through Peter's weird 3-D holographic touchscreen interface in order to see a news clipping about Patrick Portman. It's weird that this super-high-tech futuristic interface has images that look like they were cut out of a newspaper, isn't it? Oh, there's also a story about Cain, a French serial killer who looks a lot like that guy from before. With the mortar and the beakers and so on. Peter comes into the room, and Vince capes him around the neck. But! Cain himself appears and stabs Vince in the neck with a hypodermic needle. Then he talks about strychnine and frog toxin, because one thing you want to do when you've gone to a lot of trouble to come up with an obscure and exotic poison is to tell people exactly what you've used on them so they can go find an antidote. Vince jumps out the window and falls a million billion feet toward the cold, hard ground. At the last second, he flaps his cape, so he just whomps onto a car instead of dying. Orwell pulls up in some kind of flashy car with gullwing doors. Vince gets in, but before they can zoom away, Cain reaches in and grabs the steering wheel. I'm not sure how he got there down so quickly. We see a Tarot card tattooed on the inside of his forearm before Orwell manages to get the car away from him. They drive away.

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The Cape




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