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Vince (wearing a hooded sweatshirt that apparently renders him invisible to all the people that have seen his face on every newspaper and television) stops by a comic rack. It features an issue of THE CAPE, and also the latest "RAD LASS". She's having her Final Stand! There's also an issue of HELL DEMON, and BRUCIE something. And a comic with a big ad for X-Ray Specs on the back. It's nice to have a gig where I can justify my urge to freezeframe every time there might be something interesting on the screen. Vince gets the last issue of The Cape and pays the guy at the hot dog stand. He walks in slow motion with ripped jeans through out-of-focus crowds. It's very 1992-music-video. He's silhouetted in an alley when he slips through a couple of doors and ends up in a big... room. He does some more shopping and outfits his secret lair. I guess.

Peter Fleming lifts a chessboard up in his apartment and reveals a projector. He's surrounded by holographic doodads, and he moves them around. They become a chessboard, which he spins arond. Hey, if you've got a 3D touchscreen, you're going to screw with it sometimes. Something labeled "SIREN" appears. We don't appear to have learned anything in that scene.

Portman walks alone through a lobby and passes Cain, who is posing as a janitor. Orwell finds Portman and hustles him into an elevator. Cain rather obviously dangles a knife out of his sleeve, but neither Portman nor Orwell notices.

In his new lair, Vince carefully attaches news clippings and pictures to the wall. I assume that his next step will be to connect them with different colors of string.

Trip answers the phone at home and is outraged to learn that Dana has a job interview under the name "Dana Thompson" instead of "Faraday." If she's going to change her name to get away from the stigma of being the wife of the alleged Chess, maybe she should also consider moving to a different city. Trip thinks she's trying to deny Vince's name.

Dana lies down and remembers this one time she and Vince had baby Trip. They argue about whose chin he's got. Wait, his actual name is Trip? It's not short for Vince Faraday III? Huh. Anyway, Trip's great-great-grandfather was in WWI, and his grandfather was a sheriff. I hope we have some time travel episodes later on where Vince gets to fight alongside them! Vince is very interested in Trip being proud of his name, because "Faradays are fighters." [That's funny, because on Lost they were scientists. - Zach]

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