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Vince loads throwing knives into a pitching machine. For some reason, even though I don't mind Vince finding an unoccupied lair, I think it's weird that he found a pitching machine for it. He stands in front of a target and prepares to try to catch the throwing knives. This is the best idea ever! He dodges them at first, but soon realizes that it's a little fast and has to crawl up to the machine and turn it off. Next time, maybe set up a kill switch. Then we see him studying drugs, so he can get immunity to red tree frog secretion. Strangely, red tree frog secretion turns out to be bright green.

Vince sweats in bed, because he's testing his drug concoction out on himself. I wonder where he got the strychnine and frog juice. I guess Max is probably sharing the loot from the bank robberies.

Vince makes himself a domino mask out of an old aviator helmet. He seems to like the feel of the leather on his skin. Or maybe he's sad. His eyes are filled with tears, I think. The scene goes on for a long, long time, considering that not much actually happens.

Alley fight! Vince pounds some thugs. The last thug standing won't talk about Cain, because "If I do, I'm dead!" But he's got a wallet, so Vince looks at his wallet and threatens him with something. The thug, whose name is Linus, runs off, but Vince has made him promise to meet him at a bar later.

Orwell walks into the alley and kicks a thug in the face. Should she be all alone in that alley? Anyway, she tells Vince that Cain has The Tower tarot card tattooed on his arm. "This could be the first confirmation of the existence of TAROT." It's a secret society of killers. Neat!

Vince, now disguised with a baseball cap and sunglasses, enters a bar. He sits next to a guy named Linus and takes his sunglasses off. Linus tells him that "tomorrow night, it goes down." We see Cain leave the bar, and then everyone in the bar starts choking and dying. Vince? When everyone in the joint dies simultaneously, that's when you leave. He finds a Tower card and looks reflective. Then, I guess, he leaves.

Portman pours a drink at his home, but Vince is suddenly there to tell him not to drink it because it's poisoned. Portman is a little freaked out by the masked man who's suddenly in his home, but Vince convinces him that everything's cool, man. He's on Portman's side! But Portman doesn't want to fight Fleming anymore. He's been followed and his family has been threatened. Vince tells him that people need to stand up to Fleming, or everything that's happening in Palm City will happen everywhere. At some point, wouldn't you think Fleming would just leave town and go take over some other town? Before he leaves, Vince introduces himself to Portman: "I'm the Cape." "You're not wearing a cape." It's a fair point, and Vince acknowledges that.

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The Cape




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