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Dana has a job interview under the name Dana Faraday and is immediately told that the job's been filled. She insists that she's needed here at wherever they are. Ah, she's a defense attorney. She kicks up enough a fuss that she's hired and told to "find a desk." What? That's pretty casual, isn't it?

Vince is watching some black-and-white interrogation footage of Cain talking about a bunch of relatives he killed. His real name is Raimonde Lafleur. Vince accesses the police database. His password no longer works, but he knows Marty's. Convenient! He's in a videochat with Orwell, who is impressed with his hacking skills. Isn't Orwell supposed to be the hacker? Isn't that the whole point of the character?

Footsteps! A flying knife! Vince catches it. It's Max, obviously. Max tosses Vince the cape. "Most men would have walked away. Not you." So he just wanted to make Vince sweat for a bit. Also, I suspect someone realized that Vince's hood wasn't obscuring his face at all, so they needed an excuse for him to add a mask. Vince tells Max, "My family's not my weakness, Max. It's my strength." That's irrelevant, isn't it? At any rate, Vince figures that as long as everyone thinks he's dead, his family should stay safe. Max tells him, "Don't ever forget who it is that's wearing the cape." Vince leaves, and Max smiles. That was a lot of nonsense that didn't mean anything. And now that Vince has his own lair, he's welcome back at the circus, I guess.

Peter Fleming and Peter Portman are having dinner in a fancy restaurant, along with two other people. Orwell is wearing a wig and claims to write for a prominent foodblog that just got bought by Mise en Place magazine. Come to think of it, I don't know if the magazine exists either. She has successfully scammed the waitstaff into giving her a table next to Portman, even though they're supposedly all booked up.

Vince busts down a door and capes at a silhouette. But he just decapitates a mannequin. It's good to stay in practice.

Orwell uses her shiny butter knife to look behind her and monitor the Portman-Fleming table. Cain shows up at Orwell's table as a waiter and unwisely reveals his forearm tattoo while pouring the wine. Orwell texts Vince, who vanishes in front of a monkey. Did that sentence make sense? Let me break that down a little more. Vince received Orwell's text, and looked around Cain's weird drug lab. A monkey in a cage was watching, so Vince apparently decided it was worthwhile to waste a smoke bomb and vanish. POOF!

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The Cape




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