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Day of the Dead
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Title card: "THE DEAD WILL RISE." That sounds promising, I guess. We open at a product-placed rental truck lot. That's less promising. A tall Tom Waits-y guy in a hat [Creepy character actor Tom Noonan! - Zach] wants to rent a truck with a tank on the back. When the woman i charge of the truck lot asks what he needs the truck for, he says "agriculture." He hands over a driver's license identifying him as Preston Holloway, which the computer immediately reports as a deceased person. I bet you didn't know that every truck rental place has a database of dead people! When the truck lady complains, he blows some dust in the face of the truck-rental lady and she falls over. He intones some gibberish to make it more thematic: "Rejoice, my lamb. He is risen."

Title card: "JANET PECK." Dana, Vince and Trip are at home. Trip is playing some driving game while Vince complains that his turn is being skipped. I'm not sure what he's talking about, because we can see the game and it doesn't look like it's pausing for a new player. Dana measures out pasta while Vince realizes they can't see him. Sad, tinkly music. Vince begs Dana to look at him, and he goes on to insist that he's still alive. Yes, yes, you're very much alive. Rage on, crazy brother.

Vince wakes up to the sound of Max and Rollo banging on the door to his lair. This is the first time his lair has had a locking door, I think. They want to go check on something, and Max makes him go with them without the cape: "Leave the cape. We need the cop."

Janet Peck was the lady who got the dirt in her face. She was a friend of Rollo's, and her religious family didn't allow an autopsy, so no one knows how she died. Her grave is all dug up, and Vince says she clawed her way out from the inside. Just then! Rollo gets a call, telling him that she's been found.

Richard Schiff again! As you remember, he's playing Peter Portman, Secretary of Prisons. As you probably don't realize, he's also in charge of the ports. You don't realize that because it doesn't make any sense. And he doesn't want to let Peter Fleming buy the ports for seven million dollars, because then the only people enforcing the law on him would be his own police force. And also, he's evil. The mayor is considering doing it anyway. Fleming says he'll pull the offer in 48 hours.

Portman sits on a park bench, and Orwell sits next to him. She's dressed as a jogger, so that the people spying on Portman won't suspect anything. Portman tells her that Fleming's trying to buy a port of his own so he can send something offshore to evil foreign clients. Portman has a wacky theory about how the land the port is on was never actually purchased by the city, because it belonged to a family named Chandler, who all died in a air accident or something. My attention kind of wandered during this part, but it ends with Portman holding up a birth certificate for Conrad Chandler, who doesn't officially exist. Because he has no social security number and no birth certificate. Wait, what?

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