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Day of the Dead

Okay, so Portman has a piece of paper labeled "RECORD OF BIRTH," but he's claiming there's no birth certificate. I think he's crazy. But Orwell is interested. Incidentally, the people who are supposed to be spying on him appear to be getting hot dogs or something, so they don't notice that Portman is carrying on an involved conversation with this alleged jogger. He's handing over documentation and everything. In addition to the birth non-certificate, he also has a big newspaper article that explains that the Chandler baby vanished without being born, and that many people assumed it was a miscarriage. So, to sum up: he wants to find Conrad Chandler and get him to take possession of the ports so that the mayor can't sell them to Peter Fleming. The issue of what will happen to this city if it loses the ports is not addressed. Orwell says she'll post this information within an hour. Schiff is nervous, but allows it.

Night Market. During the day, it's not as cool. In fact, it's pretty much just an alley. Rollo leads Max and Vince onto a rusted-out school bus, where they find Janet, rocking back and forth and being crazy. Rollo tries to communicate with her by reminiscing about her karaoke rendition of "Total Eclipse of the Heart." I am not exaggerating when I say that Rollo's karaoke night sounds more interesting than the stuff we usually see on the show. She asks if this bus goes to the parade. She shoves Rollo away and crazies out a bit more, gabbling along the lines of "He's calling me. He's calling me to where the water meets the land." She picks up a shard of glass and swipes at Rollo. Max busts out the Vulcan nerve pinch and knocks her out. Did you know that Max had the Vulcan Nerve Pinch available? He does! In the course of Janet's gibberings, she mentioned "The Lich," which is a name Vince claims to know. Where does he live, Vince? "The boogeyman doesn't have an address." Ah. Not that helpful, honestly.

Title Card: "THE LICH" At the circus, Vince feels Janet for a pulse. In the neck, so calm down. On the issue of what could be wrong with her, Rollo says it's witchcraft, but Max says it was a drug. Something, he claims, that is popular in sub-Saharan Africa, "especially in Haiti." Hey, here's something interesting: Haiti is right near North America, between Cuba and Puerto Rico. Sub-Saharan Africa, on the other hand, is on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. And a bit south, too. Basically, Haiti and sub-Saharan Africa are two different things, thousands of miels apart. Just thought I'd mention that. Anyway, according to Max, Janet's condition was brought about by a neurotoxin, which I shall refer to as Voodoo Dust. It mimics death for a while, and then it makes the victim so suggestible they'll do anything they're told. Meanwhile, Vince wants to talk about The Lich, which is the name each precinct has for its weirdo ritual murder file. And there are rumors about a cult, which wouldn't surprise me a bit. Rollo says that he's heard about a guy with a corpse face. Vince thinks Janet needs a doctor, but Max says she needs a surgeon. Vince: "Surgeon? What kind of surgeon?" Ruvi, from nowhere: "Surgeon of the mind!" He rolls up his sleeves and prepares to hypnotize.

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