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Day of the Dead

The Cape and Marty are at the Lich's pad. Marty's a little bothered by dead people walking around, and Vince rubs it in about how dead people might have a grudge against him. Finally, Marty agrees to go talk to Fleming about canceling the parade.

Janet's asleep. Ruvi's on watch. Rollo looks worried. Ruvi thinks she'll be okay in a couple of days. Rollo thanks him, then wakes Janet up immediately. Hey, pal, the seed carnival hypnotist said to leave her alone! She recognizes Rollo, then tells him that ghost stories are true. "Sometimes, the dead do walk among us. I saw him. He's not human. The dead will rise. Whether you want them to or not." Well, okay. Thanks, Janet.

Title Card: "RECORD OF BIRTH." Well, that's not particularly exciting. Marty briefs Fleming on the reason for canceling the parade. Fleming won't do it, because he believes that they are the founders of the new city and deserve a big, fancy parade. A sideways shot reveals that most of the floor is empty, which is weird. It's like Fleming just likes big, open spaces with a desk in the corner. Marty admits that the Cape is the source of the information, which Fleming mocks him for. He orders Marty to arrest the Cape. Dismissed!

Ooh! Once Marty is gone, Fleming sees Chess across the desk from him. Chess: "Kill him." Fleming: "Go away." Chess: "Kill them all." Well that was something.

"Ronald's" room. Netta brings coffee, then leaves. "Ronald" and Orwell stare at each other. He apologizes for staring at her, which was because she looks so strong. She looks at his drawings of local buildings. He says that the city has changed "because of him." He knows Peter Fleming is a criminal, and that he wants to use the ports to move drugs and bombs. Orwell wants him to turn these blueprints (they're not blueprints, by the way) into reality. He says he can't, because of the spinal damage from the beatings. And the restraints. According to the law, he says, he wasn't born. Orwell says that the Record of Birth just needs to be filed. And then there are DNA tests which will prove that he's the Chandler heir. Seems like the DNA part is what really counts. "Ronald" has an analogy about a train moving. Orwell accurately points out that he hasn't been on a train, and he says it's a Tolstoy quote. He asks why she's doing this. The answer: "Because you're not the only one who's an orphan."

Vince leaves a message for Orwell. Rollo waves burnt sage around to get rid of the juju. Vince is reading microfilm about Henry Dawson, who was a Chandler lawyer before he got killed by the Lich. Just then! A call from Marty comes in to tell Vince they found the truck.

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