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Day of the Dead

Under a bridge. An abandoned truck. Vince looks at it and is immediately surrounded by cops. He is under arrest! Marty has his hands cuffed in front so that Marty can see his hands. He tells his minions to bring the truck in for investigation, and Vince stuffed into his back seat. No unmasking? Come on! His mask is right there!

Title Card: "WE'RE ON A TRAIN TOGETHER." Marty's driving, and Vince is in the back seat. Marty takes his fancy hat off and tosses Vince the handcuff keys. It's a nice gesture, but Vince has already freed himself. Vince is still ticked off, but Marty has cops all over the parade route. As they yell at each other, Marty uses the phrase "nothing that isn't supposed to be there," and Vince has him turn around. At... some place... possibly Trolley Route 12... there are giant parade floats with neurotoxin tanks attached. Preston Holloway (the tall, Tom Waits-y guy from the top of the episode) grabs Marty. Two Zombiegoons come out, but before they can dust Marty, they get Caped. Holloway drops Marty, who is unconscious. Vince and Holloway fight. Holloway tries to blow dust on Vince, but Vince smoke-bombs away, then beats him up. Marty regains consciousness and cuffs Holloway. Vince tells him to watch his hands.

"Ronald" smirks. "The kidnappers didn't bring me to this place. My mother did." A fly lands on the Record of Birth. Conrad (I guess he's admitted it by now, right? Because I'm tired of typing "Ronald") says he's got a disease that means "skin of the dead." He stands. His legs work! He tells her, "The dead can rise." In the other scene, Holloway tells Vince and Marty that "He's risen to punish the traitors." Vince realizes that Holloway has been dosed with Voodoo Dust. He's not the source after all!

Conrad tells Orwell he was trapped here and burned with cigarettes. "They called me the Lich. A smart boy knows how to wait." And he's mixed potions while waiting. Netta grabs Orwell. Conrad goes on, "They're atoning for their sins. Especially the medical director, Preston Holloway." Vince realizes that they missed everything. Conrad has taken off his rubber mask, and now he looks all creepy. He dusts Orwell, them mumbles about when she'll stop screaming.


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The Cape




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