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Return of the Lich
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Previously on The Cape: There was this port, and there's a missing heir, and... look, if you're just getting here, it's too late to catch up. Sorry. I did write a recap last week, though. You could read that.

Title Card: "TO HAVE AND TO HOLD." Orwell is surrounded by bridesmaids who are calling her "Jamie." So I guess that's her real name. But I've been calling her "Orwell" this whole time, and I don't feel like changing right when we're about to run out of episodes. She's nervous. There's a buzzing, which she interprets as her phone ringing. Who has a ringtone that sounds like a phone vibrating? She says "I'm getting married" and we see her sort of wake up, because that whole scene was a dream. I guess that's why it was shot through gauze. In the real world, Orwell is immobile, in a wheelchair, and hooked up to an IV drip. Netta (the weird helper-lady from last episode) changes Orwell's shoes. The Lich answers Orwell's phone, which says "Caller ID: The Cape." Subtle! And it is, in fact, Vince. The Lich just says that the girl belongs to him now, and he hangs up.

Vince, as you may remember (although I bet you don't), was calling from that disused trolley station where he and Marty were arresting Preston Holloway. Now that Vince knows that Orwell is in trouble, he grabs Preston by the collar and shouts at him. But Marty gets in the way, because he's very concerned with treating his prisoner humanely. I'll remind you that Marty is the Chief of Police, and the police in question are all corrupt and evil. But now he cares about prisoner treatment, I guess. He also cares about the other police who will be there shortly, so Vince smoke-bombs away.

Capelair. Vince heats a balloon over a candle, then he paints some steel, and uses scotch tape to lift a smudge. Then he uses a flatbed scanner to scan in the fingerprint. I like that he did all that low-tech balloon-and-candle stuff and then turned to the high-tech computer next to him. Marty still hasn't changed his ARK password, so Vince uses the database to find Preston Holloway, who is labeled as "deceased."

Interrogation room. Marty drops exposition on Preston, who used to run the Orchard Sanitarium. There were old, unproven charges of some sort, but Marty has new charges that he thinks will stick. It's that stuff about poisoning the Founder's Day Parade. Preston babbles about sheep, who are following blindly to slaughter. The Lich, you see, is his shepherd. Cue the Psalm. Back at the lair, Vince scans through photos of Preston until he finds him with a bandaged-up kid. He enhances the photo (everybody drink!) and sees "Orchard" on a sign behind him. "Gotcha," he says, unaware that apparently he could have found out the same information by just searching newspaper archives. I mean, Marty had a big front-page article about this Orchard Sanitarium scandal, in which Preston featured heavily. How hard is that to find?

Title Card: "FOR RICHER OR POORER." Orwell is still in her wheelchair. The Lich tells her she's sedated and there's a toxin involved and he's generally creepy. He calls Netta in, then tells her to leave. Nice scene, Netta. The Lich's dialogue is kind of generically creepy. It's not hard to be creepy when you're pretending that a catatonic Summer Glau wants to marry you.

In her dreams, Orwell thinks Vince is the one who's going to marry her. They're in a dream-garden with a freestanding white door leading to nowhere. She can't remember how she got there, and walks toward the door. "This time tomorrow, we'll be husband and wife," say both dream-Vince and real-world-Lich. The Lich brags that he'll be a billionaire now that he has the Record of Birth from part one. And, he says, he needs servants. So he goes over to his chemistry lab. He has something that kills 70% of people, and makes the other 30% devoted slaves. Of him, presumably, although I don't know how they'd know who poisoned them. Like, if Preston Holloway has had his brain burned out, how come he doesn't do what everyone tells him, instead of just following the Lich's orders. The Lich continues to be creepy at Orwell: "I'll let you pick your own servants. But first you need to learn to be nice to me.


Vince, Rollo, and Max have arrived at Orchard Sanitarium. Rollo is not thrilled about hitting an insane asylum filled with zombies, which means he's probably not a video game player. On the bright side, Max and Rollo both have shotguns. They enter. In the stairwell, Vince finds Orwell's phone vibrating. It says "Blocked Number," and it's the Lich telling Vince he shouldn't have looked for her. And then! Zombie attack! Vince says not to shoot them, because they're drugged. But he has no worries about pummeling them unconscious. One of them has an axe, which Vince Capes away before he can hit Max with it. All the insane zombies are soon dealt with, and the three of them move into the room where Orwell met the Lich. They find some vague clues there. Vince finds a woman's driver's license and Rollo has a shoe. Rollo says Orwell is going to get buried, just like Janet. Vince decides he has run out of trail, and he'll have to use his "friend in the public defender's office" to get to Preston Holloway.

The Lich, meanwhile, is having dinner with Orwell in what looks like another part of the same building. Vince should probably have searched the whole place before giving up, huh? There are lemons on the table between the Lich and Orwell. He smashes the bowl, because he wanted lilies, not lemons. Netta freaks out a little as he yells at her. He stomps out as Orwell begins to wiggle her fingers. Netta complains to her about how she'll have to go calm the Lich down. "You're just a whore. He doesn't love you, you know. You're just new."

The Lich staggers through poorly lit stairs. The camera is so tilty I can't tell where anything is. He makes it through an access door on the top of a hill and starts pulling up flowers. I don't think they're lilies. I guess he lives underground, in some sort of Lichcave.

Title Card: "IN SICKNESS AND IN HEALTH." At the Faraday apartment, Trip is doing homework or something, when his computer beeps to let him know that The Cape is on the roof across the alley. It's not clear how the computer was able to know that. And Trip can just look out the window to see him, so the computer doesn't seem entirely necessary anyway. The Cape asks to speak with his mother. When Trip goes down to tell her, Dana doesn't believe him, but she eventually allows him to lead her to the roof. When she sees The Cape, she freaks out at him about it being a sick joke. Finally, he grabs Trip's comic book with the cape, and smoke bombs to another part of the roof. Trip considers this "totally rad." His parlor tricks seem to have calmed Dana down. The Cape explains the situation and asks Dana to sneak him into the precinct. She says she can't sneak masked vigilantes into places. He tells her, "In your gut, you know that what I'm telling you is true." She backs off with a cell phone. Trip clunks the scene up with another terrible line-reading.

A parking lot somewhere. Travis pulls up. Dana starts to tell him what the deal is, and The Cape jumps into the scene. It might have been a good idea to let Dana prepare her boss for the situation instead of just throwing a costumed superhero at him. Travis thinks The Cape might be a singing telegram or something. Vince cuts through the introductions to talk about weaponized neurotoxin or something. I've been to parties with guys like that. He bullies Travis a bit, and Dana sweet-talks Travis a bit, and eventually Travis agrees to let The Cape into the interrogation room with his keycard. He'd find it easier if Vince would wear a coat and tie, though.

Orwell can move several fingers now. She uses them to hold the bouquet of flowers that The Lich sets in her hand. He picks her up and pretends to dance with her limp body. He conducts a conversation, in which he provides her side, about how they

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