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Eyes Why Me: They're Destroying Love

Geoff even interviews what he thinks is the viewpoint that will exonerate his behavior, and it's so selfish and self-centered and retarded I can't even believe it. "I was down $100,000 and I was just frustrated, so I started shredding the cards more than usual," even when my hosts politely asked that I cut it out. God, that's sickening. I understand that hotels and casinos, and Vegas places particularly, are all about the customer's being right all the time, but there's also a primary assumption in the grown-up adult world that you don't leave your own house acting like that in the first place. Someone only gave Geoff half the story, and I almost feel bad about that. Then I don't. He holds up a miniscule tatter of card in the Pit Boss's face and says, "You see it?" It's really aggressive and rude and stupid and basically the worst thing he's done all episode. Especially considering that he'll immediately pretend he had no idea what they were talking about. The whole Heap snickers stupidly. Cut to Geoff worrying another card in his hands: "I'm gonna rip this card up so much." God, I hate these people. It's like getting being abusive to the food-stamp people because your time in the system is up: It is you that managed to lose more than $100,000 in one night, shitslice. What are you trying to prove? So trashy.

Well, Tim tries for a real backbone for the third time, bustling off in a busybodied "I'm not losing my license over this" huff. This is so middle-management, this thing where he didn't really know it was a problem until someone told him it was a problem, and why, and now he's getting all God's vengeance on their asses as if it's a personal issue. Downstairs, the Heap continues to rip cards. Bryan asks if the Nugget has a paper shredder. Oh, Bryan, you're almost funny. I wonder if this happens a lot -- wait, I'm wondering if white trash ever goes to Vegas, the joke's on me -- but if it does, I think it would be smart to build an extra room in the casino where people like this can just go and shred things to their hearts' content, since it's obvious they are not at all interested in playing any games at all at this point. Tim walks down and flat-out tells them they can no longer rip the cards. Which on the one hand, yes, because they've demonstrated their inability to be a part of the Baccarat tradition within context, or in moderation, or in any manner suggesting that they are adult human beings. But on the other hand, no, because there's a better way, and this is just going to piss them off more. Immediately they start getting itchy, and Nameless Brown-Haired Guy gets in Tim's face and argues about it, and how they should be allowed to rip cards because they should be allowed to do anything they want, since that's their right for being friends with someone with money. Geoff wants to take his ball and go home, and tells them, "We're out!" As if the Golden Nugget is being unbelievably rude.

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