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Eyes Why Me: They're Destroying Love

This is the stupidest storyline. I miss the swingers. I miss Matt "Velvet" Dusk, who is at least adorable and funny while he's being deluded and self-absorbed. I might even miss Up Chuck. At least he was un-boring trash. Why do people like this always make huge issues about things that only make them look bad? I think these people act like drunks even when they're sober. That's what this is like: hyper-focusing on one issue -- an issue which makes them look retarded anyway -- and yelling about it repetitively as though it proves their point. Maybe they are drunk. Definitely they are assholes. They're so sure they are in the right. God. This goes on forever. Geoff again "pleads his case" in interview, daring us to agree with him: "Suddenly they're telling you that you can't do something that you've been doing the whole time." He even brings out a bunch of clich├ęd similes to prove himself, talking about how it's like "salt in the wound," or "kicking the person when he's down." Basically his point is this: "Being unpleasantly surprised by the fact that casinos were made to make money, and all the games and odds were created and maintained to make sure that I lose and the casino wins, in the long haul, I had no choice but to shit my pants and sit crying and ripping up any pieces of paper I could see, in the middle of the casino, where people watched and were revolted. This too was the fault of the Golden Nugget and its management." The Heap, as a single entity, decide that Tim is trying to change the rules on them, and he correctly and succinctly points out that this is not the case, but he already fucked up so I'm not choosing sides. As Tim leaves, the nameless one gets in his ear to yell as he's walking away, "We don't need the owner of the casino embarrassing us." Which is true. They have themselves for that.

The sex party goes to "Rumjungle," a bar that I think is at the Mandalay Bay, from what the Kombat-cam would suggest, which is funny. Do you think Mandalay Bay paid for all this publicity? The Swingers and Potential Swingers and other people in the swinger party dance and get drunk. Maya dances with David, and then some whore in a cowboy hat. Maybe it's Kristin. Chris watches, and seems to be enjoying himself. Everyone at Rumjungle looks like they may or may not be involved with the sex party. Maya dances with Beverly, the red-headed Swinger Girlfriend, and says it was sexy, drinking and dancing, although it was weird because she kept wondering what Chris was thinking. He's thinking what you think he's thinking, which is, "Awesome." It's all for his benefit, which makes sweet Maya as much of a swinger as any woman can be. Proving me right, she kisses Beverly, which means she now has some disease. Things come to a non-exciting non-climactic dance orgy revolution, and The Casino decides there are places in me that can still be hurt after last week, as David opens a bottle of champagne and it sprays all over the place. I vomit on myself.

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The Casino




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