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The Heap drunkenly complains to John Sunstrum, yelling at him in a way that they think is sympathetic, as though he's not an employee. Like bitching about your parents to the nanny, it might feel good but it's not going to win you any points, with your parents or even with Nanny herself. The Heap takes off for Mandalay Bay. Prissy, self-obsessed assholes. John reports to Tom their central question, which is an okay one: "Why would the owner of the club do that in front of everyone?" He's been a little brainwashed by their immature craziness, and is acting kind of like their bitch, frankly, so Tim has to explain again about how "Randy" told him that it might be seen as collusion, and how the next logical step for him was to blow it out of the water and yell at them in public. Only Tim could make them seem like they're even a small percentage in the right. The Nugget lost any high ground the second he went down there, in my opinion. They should have sent Tom -- with someone to show him where the stairs and tables are, of course.

I can only assume it's because someone tipped them off that the Mills Gang are on their way, but the sex party decides to leave the Mandalay Bay bar. As Chris and Maya knew was inevitable, they head to a suite somewhere. Maybe within the hotel, making this episode either a really weird valentine to the Bay, or an ingenious slam: "Come to Mandalay Bay, where you can rub shoulders with the zebra-clad Trash Brats of L.A., and the oily porn stars of yesteryear! Watch destructive and self-destructive acts of an amusing and dastardly nature! Come to one of our many ongoing sex parties!" Like maybe the implication is that this sort of thing would never happen at the Golden Nugget. Perhaps the problems with the Trash Heap all result from Tim and Tom not letting nature take its course, and being blinded by the dollar signs, they went against God by asking obvious Strip people to come downtown. Epic. As if that's what the Strip is for, and thus we finally see the central need for the Golden Nugget itself: to bring back the glamorous heyday of Vegas. I wonder how many creepy sex parties Matt "Velvet" Dusk had to accidentally attend before he was convinced of Tim and Tom's "vision." They're saving -- maybe not even just Vegas. Maybe the Golden Nugget will save the whole world! That's a vision you can count on. I'm in. Between Up Chuck and the "roll-the-lime" game last week, and the fact that the Nugget doorman knew the Swingers on sight, and the fact that they invited Mark Burnett in after seeing The Restaurant, we can all agree that the Golden Nugget is a haven of respectability, a veritable oasis of class in a world overtaken by degradation.

Maya cutely quotes that attending the sex party was more "a learning process" than anything, because she realizes she has no idea into what "acts" the Swingers are -- is it S&M stuff, or what? The huge sex party group enters the suite of sex sinisterly, leading us out to commercial. Back inside the Orgy Office, David turns down the lights to the Romantic But Not Really At All setting, and asks Maya (and, begrudgingly, Chris, who I guess insisted on coming along rather than staying at the Nugget and crocheting or something) if she's ever "watched." She grins shyly, and he asks, "Who do you want to watch?" This is, I think, the thing for David. The real fetish, presenting this world he's created to a cute girl and telling her it's all her playground, that he is putting it at her disposal, so that he can drive her mad with desire for him and his forces of rode-hard, put-away-wet darkness. Not getting it that this conversation is, for David, equivalent to sex, Maya stammers out a guess: "How about you two? Since you're...sitting right there?" It's cute, because you can feel the whole group (and Mark Burnett) go crestfallen that she didn't turn immediately into some sex-crazed porno Director of Photography like David thought she would: "You over there! Climb up on the back of that leopard-skin couch! Attach this to your left nipple at a 45-degree angle! You on the floor! Get that leg higher! I need two girls, with contrasting shades of dye jobs or wig color, on their knees by the fireplace, and someone -- you, David -- someone needs to go get the caramel sauce. Let's make this happen, people. I've got a second grade class to substitute teach on Tuesday and Momma needs some relief."

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