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John Sunstrum takes the gaming regulations stuff down to the Trash Heap (which is weird, since the show told us they are at Mandalay Bay), and the nameless one talks about how it was embarrassing. He's a jerk-off, but he's almost right: Tim could have just said "that they were having a surveillance issue" and to please not shred them too much. Which yes, Tim should have done. He's totally right, except that's exactly what fucking happened with the Pit Boss guy first, and they all laughed and blew it off and didn't even listen to the guy beyond menacing him like some scene out of Rebel Without a Cause. Sunstrum thinks he's mostly got them back on board, and reports to Mob D that they are still pissed; Mob D is going to set up lunch with them in "the President's Suite" (whatever the hell that is) and "schmooze" them. Mob D now goes down to the room service kitchen to monitor this very VIP luncheon, telling them to add a bottle of Grey Goose. Tom tells Zack to go pick up the fucking purse and even says, "Here, there's a G-Note." AGAIN! Plus, why is he giving little Zack money? Why not the Nugget credit card? He's probably embarrassed to be doing something so stupid, and doesn't want this regrettable, wussy thing to come back to remind him later. But why waste time wondering why Tom does anything. As Zack leaves the store, the camera focuses on the Louis Vuitton shopping bag, for those who didn't recognize the awful thing the first time around. I wonder if Zack pocketed the $750 in change from the G-note? I would have. Chuckers.

Mob D introduces the Trash Heap to the "President's Suite," marshmallow-mouthing that next time they come out, "It's going to be the Geoff Mills suite." Bryan asks cutely (and rudely, since Mob D is right there), "Are we ever coming here again?" Geoff responds in the negative, and they all laugh, because they are worthless. Mob D even laughs, painfully, and groans like it's a hilarious zinger at his expense. He takes them into the suite, and they stare around just like before, and he shows them the pool table, by which they are impressed. Trash. They play pool immediately, and he drags them out to have lunch. It's fucking awesome because he has Red Bull & Vodkas all lined up for them. This guy knows his fucking clientele. I love that. Mob D asks what he has to do to get them back to the Nugget, and there's a silence that Bryan interrupts -- again -- in order to make the whole thing more awkward -- again. "That's a really eerie silence, guys, that's really bad." Zack walks in with the fucking purse, giving it to Geoff as if he were the one who asked them to buy it, so he looks classy. He plays it off well, actually, like he's had money his whole life. Kristin opens the bag and is like, "You got me the same purse?" "I hope so," he grins lovingly. "I'm so excited," she gushes -- looking inside in the vain hope that the $25,000 she stole from him will be in there too. That was brilliant. I wonder if Zack thought to do that -- Geoff's the only one in the group that matters to the Nugget, and now he knows something the others don't, and looks like a high-roller to them. Awesome. I mean, impressing the Trash Heap? Not a huge priority for me, or something I would really work on. But they're all Geoff has. Sad. Mob D leaves them to their lunch -- they discuss their food, which they mostly know how to eat -- and discusses with Sunstrum Ass-Kissing Round 3, where the Heap is booked for golf. Man, they really want these guys as customers. Shooting yourself in your own foot just so you can have the gun. This part of Operation Trash Heap is brilliant too, because trash plays golf and feels like elite worldly princes, while golfers play golf and feel like they are playing golf.

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