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Eyes Why Me: They're Destroying Love

Next week: "A fresh-faced beauty [Who looks like Scary Movie 3's Anna Faris, or that lovely Laura Harris girl that used to be on Fifteen and played the radicalized Marie last year on 24, and is now being wonderful on Dead Like Me] arrives ready for her big break [we see her singing terribly off-key with Matt "Velvet" Dusk -- yeah! More Matt "Velvet" Dusk!], but will Sin City swallow her whole [we see some scary guy who looks like a Central Casting bounty hunter from some Steven Seagal movie]?" And in Story B, little Tommy Sun-of-Sunstrum, who we met tonight, gets a royal backhand from that managerial lady he pissed off this week, and she shrieks at him for not looking her in her scary mommy eyes when she berates him. "Will a heated confrontation propel a young dealer to make his break from the pit?" Tommy approaches Tim about "something important," which I imagine utterly isn't. Wow, and that's arc, folks. Wasn't it just this week he told the Trash Heap he wanted to be a host like his dad? Crazy. I guess if it were possible to look forward to this show coming on, I would, next week. Starring Matt "Velvet" Dusk and little Tommy Sunstrum, the only two people I've seen on this show that I wouldn't line up against the wall and shoot the second I got the chance. Best to be careful, though. This show's incredibly shitty when I have the lowest possible expectations; it would probably hurt more if I started caring. We'll see. See you here next week for what we're all hoping is that beautiful last ever episode of...The Casino.

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