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In a Theme Park Future, Parents Love Their Children

Speaking of intergenerational (or interspecies) tension, Tommy's running through the casino on his way to the meeting with Tim, Mark II. Tiny quibble: is there any way he could have gotten to Tim's office without having to cross the pit? Because you know what's going to happen, and it does, and I feel so fricking vindicated the second it does: Monique jumps out from behind something and demands to know, "What's up with the suit?" She says it in an unbelievably off-putting, aggressive way. I feel like "suits" mean more to her than other people, like they signify for her -- or it could be that she somehow knows from last week that Tommy's meeting with Tim, and figures the suit means he's going to do that now. For the record, Monique is the "Casino Floor Supervisor," of which I don't know the definition exactly. See you next Tuesday, I think is involved somewhere. Tommy and I both know what Monique's going to do here: do her damnedest to keep him from getting to that meeting, and he heads her off at the pass. "You know what, I'm in a hurry; I'll tell you later." Which I don't think is that rude, considering it's not really any of her fucking business and you can see where she's heading with it from a mile away. To keep him there that split-second longer, she randomly points and commands. "You are working tonight." Which makes no sense, either as a question or as an admonition, which is how she pronounces it. Of course he is, you silly old bitch, he's on the schedule. She's just trying to think of anything she can say to 1. Keep him down there as long as possible and 2. Re-assert her ridiculous sense of control over him. If you honestly don't know what I am talking about with this woman, if you still think she's okay after this scene, I want you to go to work tomorrow and kiss your boss on the cheek, because he or she deserves it. There are more Moniques in the world than not, and you are one lucky person.

On our way up in the elevator, Tommy interviews about his nervousness meeting with Tim, who is after all the owner of the place. He plays the game pretty well at this point -- doesn't say anything too ridiculous or disrespectful, like he would if he were half the tool he makes himself out to be. He hardly stutters at all as he explains to Tim that he's "always wanted to get into casino marketing," and eventually to become a host. I will say that he makes very little eye contact here, but it doesn't make me want to slap his face or anything. It's just clear he's nervous. In voice-over, Tommy explains that casino hosting is "definitely one of the most sought-after jobs in Las Vegas: Basically the job is to make sure that the high roller has everything they need." Sounds delightful, with the kind of high rollers the Nugget has seen fit to show us. They need euthanasia, Tommy. Tommy admits that he's only 23 and very young for casino marketing, and then immediately Tim says, "Age doesn't necessarily have to be an issue -- I think it would be a really good idea if you came to work in that department, to learn it from the ground up." Methinks the editing fairy was a trifle disinterested in this conversation, considering Tim says this -- for all we know -- about five seconds after Tommy walks into his office. Not that I wanted to watch the whole squirmy conversation, but it does make this sudden interest on Tim's side seem a bit unearned.

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