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Previously: Olivia is a straight-up biatch who does not play by the rules of The City. The A-holes were torn asunder by Mister A-hole's incessant need for the poon. Jay's rakish Australian ways, too, caused strain vis-à-vis Whitney, and a fellow Aussie did nothing to abate our huh-roine's fears. In sum, Whitney can trust no one. And on this episode of The X-Files... uh... I mean The City...

We open at DVF, where Whitney and Olivia are called up to Alixe's office. Joe Zee, Creative Director extraordinaire of ELLE has called her to request some looks for the mag's March cover, featuring none other than gift bow-assed, pucker-faced Jessica "Be Sweden!" Alba. Apparently Olivia is besties with Joe Zee -- probably just like she's "family friends" with Manolo Blahnik. Alixe instructs them to pick strong, complete outfits from DVF's spring runway show. She advises them that the March issue is crucial and, thus, puts Olivia in charge of the pull. Say what now? Whitney just sits there and smiles supportively, blankly. Her history of playing second banana is really going bite her in the ass, isn't it? Credits.

Lah, lah, lah, la-lah, la-lah, lah, lah... All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to... Oh, you know the rest! We return to DVF, where Whitters and O-die-ia are strategizing their cover shot look. Olivia thinks it should be a look that stands out. Olivia -- who I should mention is wearing the white blazer with black piping on the lapel that she considered "rock show-worthy" two episodes ago -- pulls a sheer, shapeless, beige shift with silver sequined trim and says it's a "great color." Wow, that one is really going to revolutionize the company from the inside out! Instead of pointing out that beige, by definition, is not a color, Whitney suggests they make sure they don't use the same colors as the month before. She then pulls some separates with a shimmering floral pattern. Olivia deems this combo "too matchy-matchy," but Whitney brings up several salient points to express why the look is representative of DVF's spring line. They ultimately assess the looks they've pulled and decide which ones to keep. Whitney's outfit stays. Put that in your piping and smoke it, Olivia.

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