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Previously: Whitney relied on Erin for dating advice. Bad idea. Girl is in over her head with the Canadian import boyfriend. Also, Whitney was surprised when she cozied up to a dirt bag and found herself with a mouthful of mud pie. Also? Nevan and Olivia suck. The end.

Olivia and Whitney "work" on a DVF event. Olivia is in charge of the guest list and, as such, has invited many of her fellow "socials." Vom. It seems Whitney agrees with me, because she gives Olivia the awesome sideways glance, as if to say, "What a dillweed!" And then, lo and behold! Diane von Furstenberg herself flits in for a hot second. She makes scattered comments about the mannequins Whitney has dressed for display at the event, then flits out just about as quickly as she came. Of course, before that, she makes about 432 gestures and/or looks toward Whitless and Olivia that let them know she is far superior and more fabulous than them, including but not limited to brushing Whitney's hair aside. Also, Whitney tells DVF that she looks pretty, and Diane casually shoots back, "Nuhhh, I duhhhn't." I can't pinpoint exactly what's so awesome about that exchange, but suffice it to say, Ms. von Furstenberg has just found a (fair-weather) fan in me. After DVF leaves, Whitney gushes about the interaction she just had while Olivia stands there, useless as ever. She wanly tells Whitney, "I'm so happy for you," then stares into space realizing how utterly irrelevant she is, despite her highfalutin guest-list powers. Credits.

Whitney and Erin meet at Café Falai. Whitney recaps the ineffectual "What are we?" dinner with Jay. Whitney realizes that the conversation did nothing, save maybe take the relationship a step backward. Erin advises her to use the Jay-imposed "getting to know you" time to be selfish and figure out what she wants. Whitney says she thinks she knows what she wants, and she hopes Jay will give her that. Then they giggle over that silly boy! Hardy-har, he's just not that into me!

Back at DVF, the event is coming together as banners are unfurled and red carpets are laid down and such. Alixe briefs the staff that the store is being converted for a Wonder Woman event with Warner Brothers and DC Comics. [Oh, dear God. It must be about to DVF's horrible Wonder Woman comic book.That thing look nine kinds of awful. - Zach] Olivia and Whitney get to be bitches some more. Sweet. Whitney looks really happy to be spending yet more time with Olivia. Do you think she's catching on? Or am I just projecting?

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