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That Canadian kid is still at Erin's apartment. He probably just told her he loved her because he doesn't have rent money for his Toronto apartment. He says he doesn't want to leave, but she says she's happy with the long-distance thing because they get the best of both worlds: unadulterated "us" time and unadulterated "you" and "me" time. Apparently they have spoken about the boyf moving down from Toronto... or at least that's how casually goes into the conversation. He requests a couch to crash on while he "looks for a new place." Mmmmhmmmmm. Erin immediately recoils and gives him a potential time limit of two weeks, explaining that she doesn't want to pressure the relationship. On the contrary, he thinks being in the same city will be better for the relationship. Erin counters that they have all the time in the world because she's still young. This is not going to last.

Now the Wonder Woman event is in full swing. Fabulous people enter with their fabulous purse-sized dogs. Olivia stands outside and pretends to be popular and in demand when really people want to just walk right past her and get their free booze. She is so the Heidi of this show. But, like, without any of the good old-school (a.k.a. pre-Spencer) qualities. Mmmmm... martinis. Alixe works the crowd. Olivia continues to pretend that she has friends, including Bergdorf-Goodman Samantha, who has obviously come to see Whitney by the way she is easing away from Olivia as quickly as possible. They do the double-cheek kiss. I hate that crap.

Samantha makes her way over to talk to Whitney, because she probably started to shake from the annoyingness of being around Olivia. Since she has absolutely nothing else to do -- at a work event(!) -- Whitney chats with Samantha about Jay. Jesus, girl, give it a rest! She obfuscates the details of their "labels versus love" conversation, and Samantha gives her the generic "I hear that, girl" response that you give to someone you know is doomed. The conversation to nowhere is abruptly interrupted when Emese, the Director of PR, comes up to actually make Whitney work. Gosh! Someone named Becky doesn't have a dress, and she is pissed.

Then that conversation is interrupted when Whitney's co-worker Chris swings by. He's like one of those Conan O'Brien "If They Made It" skits with the two progenitors being Michael Scofield and K-Fed. Whitney has never met him before either, it turns out. Sam digs for gold and finds out that he's in finance. Whitney notes that he is basically the only guy working at the company, cupping her hand under her chin as she undressed him with her eyes. So now homegirl is dipping in the work pool? Way to pick 'em, Whit's End!

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