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That night, Jay comes over the Whitney's apartment. She is all hotsy-totsied up in a cutely blousy red mini-dress. She's got the candles out and everything -- it's almost as if she knew tonight's conversation would be important! Jay cuts short Whitney's crucial conversation with herself about shoes to have the conversation. She clacks over, and he takes a few slugs before saying goodbye to his balls. He takes her in his arms and mentions their romantic (and arbitrary) three-month status and suggests that they take things to the next level. A broad smile spreads across Whitney's face as he cops that now she'll be his guhhhhlfriend. They laugh at what a production this is, then chat about their romantic histories. They uncover Fate's master stroke -- this is both of their third relationships. OMG, it's totally fate! They probably both like soup, too. And talking... or not talking. They could probably talk or not talk for hours.

Jay brings it home, saying that "Good things come in threes." They seal the conversation with a kiss, which is a refreshing change, I must say. Before they can have their first dinner date as boyfriend and girlfriend, Jay makes absolutely sure to tell Whitney, "The dating game's over for you, matey." She laughs, because her little ploy has worked. They smile and kiss and hug some more. Jay's fellow Aussie Missy Higgins sings us out of another ker-razy week in The City.

Next week: Whitney wears a hideously stupid headband and bitches with Erin and Samantha about a boys' night that Jay and A-hole had, in which one of Samantha's co-workers made out with A-hole. Whitney gets stuck in the middle, thanks to some plot nudging by Olivia. Needless to say, A-hole's girlfriend is not happy, which is only emphasized by her decision to wear a beret, the most hangdog of hats. Meanwhile, A-hole gives the most bullshitty, half-hearted, whiny "I'm SORRY, honey!" ever. He is so not sorry. Girlfriend, you have gots ta Get. Rid.

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