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A-holette tries to pretend that she isn't mad at Cat, while the hussy shifts uncomfortably from side to side. She finally admits she can't be there anymore. A-holette spits back, "Well I can't go home anymore. How about that?" Sammy comes up to hug Cat, which is totally unnecessary. It's not as if I wouldn't feel bad, and I know that I rag on A-holette all the time, but this is honestly neither girl's fault. And that fact that no one will place the blame squarely where it belongs -- with A-hole himself -- is maddening beyond belief. Where are the backhanded slaps, foot stomping, and/or knees to the groin to which we, as viewers, are entitled? Seriously.

Instead, A-holette runs to the bathroom. Whitney puts herself in the middle some more (otherwise she might not be relevant to her own show) by checking with Cat before running after A-holette. They try to make it look like Cat's crying. I call bullshit. Oblivious A-hole finally wonders where his girlfriend is, after he just left her to fend for herself in an obviously confrontation-conducive situation. Jay updates him on the obvious conclusion of this evening -- the Cat's out of the bag, so to speak.

A-hole does some top notch sleuthing and tracks A-holette down in the venue's one bathroom. He supposedly happens upon her talking about him loud enough to be heard over the crowd, through the bathroom door. Uh-huh. He knocks and heads in. Whitney steps out as quickly as possible. He proceeds with the arrogant, totally non-comforting "honey" name-calling, making it sound like a four-letter word, and actually tries to make her feel bad about crying over something he did to her. A-holette is shriekier than ever as she reiterates what happened between her and Cat -- "female to female." Ugh. Don't bring the rest of us into this. Eventually, A-hole offers to go yell at Cat. Yeah, you do that. Yell at a girl just to save face for something you obviously did. Classy.

They take the conversation outside. A-hole insists A-holette should believe him and not "some stupid... girls." He was totally going to say "bitches." A-holette asks him to imagine how he would feel if another guy approached him to inform him he'd been cheated on. Once his pride is on the chopping block, the windbag almost looks like he might start to cry. He knows the jig is up, so he takes the coward's way out -- avoidance. He conspicuously, guiltily looks down and offers to let her stay alone at the apartment for the night -- mainly, of course, so he doesn't have to admit he's wrong or apologize. She has a co-dependent backlash and doesn't want him to have to go. Once again, he again turns it on her and makes it seem like she came up with this bunk idea. She gets flustered, and the conversation circles around on itself, dissolving into icy silence as she shivers and hugs her pin-thin body. He tries to make up for hundreds of little hurts by offering her his jacket. She refuses. She is so over it. They go their separate ways.

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