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He plies her with some words about how she's the only person for him. She gives him dead eyes, which I believe signify that she is thinking. And, OMFG, she believes him! Are you kidding me?!!! He smugly, wholly unbelievably, says, "I love you!" He makes it sound like the worst thing you could ever say to someone. She says it back to him, because that's what you do, but she can't even get the words out audibly because she must be, on some atomic level, aware what a sham and a waste of her looks, youth, and energy this all is. They leave, as an unplugged, whiny version of "Breaking the Girl" strums in the background, trying to be as powerful as the scene supposedly demands. I much prefer the original.

Next time: Kelly's birthday! Cutrone-a-mania! She tells A-holette she's too skinny, which I would think would be a compliment. But, lacking any drama for, like, six seconds, A-holette makes it sound like Kelly just announced that she had sex with A-holette's dad or something. Kelly awesomely sticks to her guns. Also, Erin rings up a booty call from high school. So long, farewell, Duncan from Toronto! We hardly knew ye! (But you were still pretty lame.)

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