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Later, Whitney gets ready for the evening in Erin's Gramercy Park apartment. There are many things I could dispute about this whole Downtown versus Uptown dynamic MTV has set up, but I'm not going to waste everyone's time. Suffice it to say, Downtown = new money; Uptown = old money; Everyone = grotesquely rich. As such, Whitney talks about how ridiculously nice DvF's Meatpacking District office is and how she met this new girl named Olivia Palermo. And what do you know? Erin knows her! (Because all rich people know each other.) Whitney mentions how Olivia was (trying to make herself feel important by) talking up her dinner party, and Erin says that kind of talk is "so New York" (read: bombastic wind bagging). Whitney notes that Olivia didn't invite her -- probably to make her a) want to come, b) feel like garbage because she wasn't awesome and/or stunning enough to merit a first-impression invite or c) all of the above. Regardless, our feckless heroine brushes it off in service of the season's major plot points -- her busy work schedule and her emerging love connection, starting with a date tonight. Both girls are giddy because dating is the zenith of existence on these shows.

Whitney greets Jay with a hug and a kiss at Nero, an Italian restaurant just across the street from her office in the Meatpacking District. They toast to the successful completion of her first day of work, then go over the usual topics -- taking a tour of the city, Whitney leaving her family behind, how New York is the center of the Universe, etc. Like any foreigner, Jay subconsciously realizes that his Australian-ness is the best thing he's got going for him, so he brings it up at every possible moment. He even convinces Whitney to attempt an Australian accent. It's not good, but they both laugh. It's foreplay, plain and simple, and you can see it in their eyes. These Laguna Beach/Hills-type show are particularly good at depicting that ellipsis moment in a way that's simultaneously G-rated and sleazy.

Dinner wraps up as Whitney and Jay make more sexy eyes and make a big show of being super-nice to the waiters. It's very "I'm about to go get laid so I love everyone!" As they walk off, Jay offers Whitney a place to stay (wink, wink) and promises he won't make her late to her fashion show. Whitney accepts without hesitation, and they stroll off, stopping to make out on a corner as they make their way to a mattress with six-week-old dirty sheets lying on the floor of the one-bedroom apartment he shares with his entire band and their dates for that night. Commercials.

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