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Change… or More of the Same?

Whitney looks increasingly uncomfortable as Olivia literally looms over her throughout much of the party. But wait! A silhouette appears in the door way. It's Jay! With champagne! Whitney is relieved to see her man. Olivia, on the other hand, is clearly pissed that her plot to humble the new girl failed. Erin meanwhile sports a smile best encapsulated by the phrase "Suck on that, bitch!" Olivia snags the Veuve, her consolation prize, while Whitney gets a kiss and a hug. At least one person screams out, "Are you the Australian?" because Olivia has clearly talked this guy up. More reaction shots from pouty Olivia and gloating Erin. Whitney admits to Jay that he saved her, and he pretty much immediately suggests they leave. Whitney agrees, and they take Erin with them, dropping the party's cool person quotient back to zero. And in case you need proof of what irredeemable bastards these people are, Erin tells Whitney on the way out that some guy at the party called her a hooker. Nice.

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The City




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