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At Whit's End

Previously: Olivia's a credit-thieving biatch. Jay's very likely a cheater, or at least has the ex-girlfriend that never leaves. Now Jay's band Shamalamadingdong is about to go on tour, but can his relationship with Whitney survive a world tour (a.k.a. three to six stops at D4 college bars)?

Jay and A-hole meet at the Angelika Film Center to watch a film. Yeah, right. Like they're the Angelika crowd... Jay happily announces that his band is going on tour. A-hole almost immediately asks about Whitney. Jay admits he hasn't told her yet, and he's not sure if the relationship will make it through the heartbreaking rift that two months can form. Oh, Jesus, people. He's not going to war! A-hole tells Jay that girls will be throwing their panties at him. That's like throwing your panties at Jack Johnson. While his music is comforting and suitable for a summer day, it doesn't actually get the juices churning down below, does it? Would any of you ever throw your panties at Tamarama? Be honest! Anyhow, he advises Jay to have the talk with Whitney and decide whether he's in or out. I love how A-hole, the cooze hound, is going all Delilah on Jay now. Jay deserves whatever he gets for taking advice from this tool bag. Credits.

At DVF, Alixe and Emese calls the team together for a pre-Fashion Week debriefing. Next week, DVF's entire international PR contingent is arriving, and the HQ is going to present the global brand strategy. Emese tasks Whitney with familiarizing herself with DVF's emergent handbag line, which she claims is key for the new season. She assigns Olivia to chip in to the presentation with how the line fits in editorially. Once again, they have to work together. Funsies! And, oh yeah, the presentation will be in front of 25 people. No biggie. Whitney admits afterward that she's scared, and Olivia's all, "Just don't think about it." Foreshadowing alert! God, I hate that swingy hair thing Olivia does, as if she's all breezy or some shit. Olivia, you are a bitch. Bitches are not breezy. Stop with the swingy before I fly down to New York with some damn scissors, mmmmkay?

Up in Midtown, Tamarama rehearses. I don't know what it is, but I really just want to remove my underthings and fling them! Pfffffft. Translation: Dear God, they suck. Everyone takes five, and Jay and Pottsy Ronson chat about their upcoming amazingly high-profile and world-renowned tour -- i.e. you've never heard of it and never will. Jay is excited to hit the road. Pottsy asks if he's talked to Whitney. Jay admits he still hasn't, and he's starting to get paranoid about it. Pottsy mentions that he has a girlfriend, too, and Jay jokes that she's a real ball breaker. Pottsy advises Jay to sort himself out lest some ambiguous bad thing happen again like it did in his last relationship. Huh? In any case, Pottsy says they're going to go forward full-force with the band and really focus on expanding the global Alabama Slamma brand. Wow, such parallels in this episode. Layers, y'all, layers.

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