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At Whit's End

The next day at DVF, Whitney nervously prepares for her presentation. Olivia comes over to fuck with her, though she would probably call it offering moral support. She again tells her not to worry and to just go with it. Alixe welcomes everyone to the meeting, then hands it over to Whitney. Homegirl competently and confidently discusses the brand, hitting all the buzz words about the brand's "hands-free nature," how "women shouldn't look to bags as a burden," and that DVF represents "accessible luxury." Alixe gives her a pleased little wink and DVF herself nods with European intensity. Next comes Olivia, and... oh God. Somebody didn't practice! There is much stuttering, misuse of vague PR speak, and making-up of words. People stare blankly around the room to avoid eye contact. This is awkward. When she finally fades to silence, Emese is so baffled and/or embarrassed, that she doesn't even know who is next. Alixe does the heavy lifting of picking up the pieces from that train wreck. So much for your acting career, Palermo.

Later, Jay visits Whitney's apartment for the big talk. He throws her walk-out in her face. Whitney says they need to work on their relationship and that she doesn't want to give it up. He wants to talk some things out, specifically pointing out that she makes him feel like he's constantly doing something wrong. He doesn't want to go on tour and have to be accountable for his actions. God forbid! Whitney tells him he is unnecessarily angry and defensive. He says he felt attacked by her telling him her feelings. Yeah, what a bitch! She calmly contends that she knows there are differences between them, but she is committed to working them out. He basically says that the differences she wants to iron out are all in her head. As if staying out until five in the morning when you live with someone (regardless of whether it's temporary) isn't disrespectful. Has he no perspective at all? I guess a relationship (and a head up one's ass) will do that to you.

Whitney says she doesn't think Jay listens to her, which he dismisses as ridiculous. He flips on his stance from, like, 30 seconds ago, asking how much more talking they can do. He says it will be hard on him to be away from her, too, and she rightly points out that he has never once said anything like that to her. Pinned against the ropes emotionally, he goes back to square one: You walked on me at the restaurant! That one time! She tries to make sense of how all the words he is saying hang together and make cohesive flows of thought, but it's a losing battle. He tells her she needs to be stronger. Which, fair enough and arbitrarily accurate, but totally employed in a dick way. As if him being untrustworthy and emotionally retarded stems from some weakness on her part.

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