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Previously: Erin cheated on her long-distance lovah from Toronto with her high school boyfriend. Olivia sucks -- nearly as much as her bitchboy cousin Nevan. And the blood feud between Downtowners and Uptowners rages on...

Whitney and Jay meet for lunch and discuss his band's upcoming gig. He expresses that he's nervous, because it's a big gig for them. Whitney quickly makes it about her friends' bullshit dramas as she gives him the update on Erin and her ex/kind-of-current JR. Jay can't resist throwing in the sucker punch, "So much for love, huh?" Now that little E has fallen off the Canuck Wagon, Jay definitely feels vindicated for taking so much heat for being staunchly -- and quickly, I might add -- against Erin professing her love to Duncan all those weeks ago.

Whitney mentions that she will invite Olivia, too. Because Olivia's been so nice and helpful to her lately. Of course she would want to welcome her further into her life! Whitney justifies that she talks about Jay a lot, so she wants to show Jay off to her. Jay is unsurprisingly nonplussed by the possibility of another encounter with the Wicked Witch of the Upper East Side. He snipes, "I'll cordon off a little area for her so she doesn't feel like she has to mingle with the commoners." Whitney looks at him disapprovingly, though she should be laughing her ass off, because that was pretty dead-on. Credits.

After the producers rip off Jay's line (which, come to think of it, they probably fed to him) for the title, we see Olivia head into La Goulue, where the plucked, pulled, primped and pampered hags of the UES do lunch. Naturally, she is meeting Nevan. He is, I believe, wearing a Hypercolor shirt of the Ed Hardy douche-riety, and he looks like disentangled his legs from a tranny hooker's and rolled out of the gutter to meet her. She lobs a jibe at him that she's glad he dressed up for the occasion. Now that she has dispensed her first gem of the day, she greets him properly, to which he responds, "Hey, baaaabe!" She snaps to, spitting out, "Can you not call me that?!" Whoa there, trigger. Simmah dahn nah. Naturally, he's Nevan, so he just glosses over it, and they move on.

Olivia mentions that Whitney invited her to see Jay's band. Nevan asks what that will be like. It's clear from their smug mugs that they have both already made up their minds. They use as much condescending, verging on downright insulting language as possible, just in case we didn't get the one-dimensionality of their characters and their thoughts on the dreaded Downtown crew. Olivia says that the girls are coming over to the apartment first, so Nevan must vacate. Ha! Olivia obviously takes pleasure in displacing him for even a few minutes. Her couch probably smells like champagne farts and dollar store perfume by now. Nevan snottily sums up, "All right, so you're doing your good deed for the day!" [Yeah, that downtown music scene is so uncool, but you're living on a friend's couch. Classy! - Z]

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The City




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