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Meanwhile, Erin and Sami go to Brother Jimmy's to see JR. Erin reiterates her ménage-a-dilemma.

Back at the gala, the band continues playing. Nevan makes fun of Jay's clothing, evoking all sorts of logger imagery. Seriously? Is that the best you've got? Do I really need to bring up the shiny black underwear again? He starts doo-wopping and jabbering about being the missing link in their band. Basically, he comes up with everything he can think of to demean Jay's band, and none of it works because he is a bigger dickweed than all of Tamarama combined and squared. He is, after all "Bevan." All the while, Olivia isn't actually vocally contributing to the conversation, but she's not stopping it, either. And Whitney is dancing nearby, trying to tune out the buzzing in her ear. The producers also make it look like Jay can hear what's going on, despite the fact that he is actively singing and playing guitar. Good try, producers, but not quite...

The band finishes, to a rousing cry of "Go Commodores! Hello, Wembley!" from Nevan. And again, I ask -- Seriously? Jay finds Whitney and cannot get out of there fast enough. He warns her to, "Fucking keep 'Bevan' away from me." They take off, and Olivia is incensed that he disrespected her by leaving without saying goodbye. Oh, absolutely, Olivia! He should have at least spit in your and "Bevan's" faces first, no? I'd consider that an equivalent gesture to the courtesy you've just shown. Nevan snarks, "That's what you get from the Plaid Mafia," and claims that he never leaves without saying goodbye, though he clarifies it's because he wants to keep receiving free drinks. Of which he has clearly had many this evening... It goes without saying, of course, that Nevan is bonkers drunk throughout the entire above exchange -- though I wouldn't put it past him to act so asinine on any given Tuesday.

But anyway... speaking of free drinks! We return to the bar. JR takes his break to ask Erin what is bothering her. She takes him outside for an emotional heart-to-heart about the heart-wrenching choice she must make. His attitude is kind of "Live and let live" about it. He tells her to date Duncan if that makes her happy -- which is exactly why she should date him. You know Duncan would be whining and weeping over his guitar, writing an "I Hate Erin" ditty right about now if he were getting this news. JR actually seems to be taking it like a man. He does ask if they can hang out regardless. She remains undecided. He wipes away her tears, and they hug on New York's only empty street.

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The City




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