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Previously: Whitney got a fake job at Diane von Furstenberg, wherein she met The Wicked Witch of the Upper East Side, a.k.a. Olivia. Everyone can start starting to hate Olivia now -- that is, if you haven't already. Whitney fell head over heels in like with hipster rocker Jay, until trucker-hat wearing model Alex, whom Whitney once rejected in favor of Jay, threw a crimp into their courtship that was as uninteresting as it was contrived. Now, Whitney gets to see what it's like not to date a d-bag because Erin's boyfriend is coming to town...

Erin and her hipster boyfriend futz around on a guitar. The bf is down from Toronto (big up, Ontario!). They start discussing their plans to "watch a movie" that night, i.e. have as much sex as possible until he leaves. Whitney is weirded out by the subtext -- or perhaps the subtext of Erin trying to convince her already pretty gay-looking boyfriend to watch The Sound of Music -- so she takes her cue to leave them alone in the love shack. Erin pretends that Whitney is welcome to join them, but our girl is a lot savvier than her blonde locks imply. Thus begins the Ameri-nadian booty call.

The next morning, Erin unwraps her thighs from around her boyfriend long enough to brave the wilds of the East Village and have breakfast at The Smith with Whitney. Whitney tells Erin she's working on DVF's online catalog photo shoot, which is huge. Mmmmhmmmm. Erin apologizes that Whitney has to crash on the couch and that it's crowded with her boyfriend in town. She insists Whitney can stay as long as necessary. Fortunately for Whit, it seems that Erin is more genuine than Heidi was with her own sister. Whitney explains that house hunting has been challenging. Yeah. Because no one is selling their place at a cut rate right now. It must be so hard find an affordable apartment when you're making $75 grand a week and were super-rich to begin with. I really sympathize. Erin turns the subject to Jay. Whitney admits that they are in that hellish gray area of dating without spoken commitment. And the whole Alex shit-talking fiasco certainly didn't help. Whitney resolves to take it one day at a time.

Whitney returns to DVF HQ for the photo shoot, which Alixe is clearly running. It appears Whitney's big break involves tying models' shoes. Likewise, Olivia is blazing a trail straight to the top by unfurling necklaces. These two really are the fashion pioneers of tomorrow! Olivia asks about Erin's boyfriend. Whitney diplomatically notes that Duncan's (that's his name) presence has put a fire under her ass to find a place, and that Jay is helping her look. Olivia's eyes glint, then Alixe interrupts to tell Whitney to change an outfit. She gives a suggestion including the phrase "white jumpsuit." I shudder.

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