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OMG, before the digital ink can dry on that sentence, who do I see? The Wicked Witch, her Flying Butt Monkey, and his little dog, too! Nevan launches into some ridiculous story about getting a $100 ticket for (being a classless, tacky boor and) spitting in the subway. His upper-crust feathers have been positively ruffled. They move on to work talk. As you might expect, Olivia inflates her importance on every subject. Olivia spouts nonsense about how Whitney should listen to her more, lest she be swallowed alive by the unwashed riffraff below 59th Street. Olivia gets profound: "[Whitney] has to be the confident New Yorker now, not the L.A. girl. She's a New Yorker." Nevan concurs and sing-songs that people in New York are "cutthroat... eeeevil." You can tell he takes particular pleasure in those words because he is, of course, describing himself and his hag cousin. To wit, he asks, "And who knows it better than you?" Is it too much to fantasize that they end the season stranded in a syphilis-laced dive bar on Staten Island?

Later, Whitney meets Jay at The Stanton Social on the Lower East Side. Mistake number one, honey. Don't play for the championship on your opponent's turf. Whitney mentions seeing Erin, and Jay immediately rails on her for saying it to Duncan. Whitney equivocates, so he turns the tables and asks Whitney if she would consider him her boyfriend. She hedges her bets, reiterating that she really likes him and considers him such but also wouldn't make that designation without getting his okay. "What do you think?" she asks. What a minefield.

Jay morphs back to JayB, discounting the notion of labels. He admits he doesn't want to see other people (which, I guess, is more than you could ever say for Justin Bobby), but he doesn't want to call her his girlfriend yet. "What's the rush?" he asks defensively. To which Whitney responds, "There is none." He says he feels like he's in a good place as he is concentrating on things he cares about and doesn't want his life to revolve around a relationship. Whitney warns that she doesn't want to be with someone who doesn't prioritize her. Jay skirts the issue, saying he wants to know her better. And, with the eggshell-walking tension still hanging in the air and nothing accomplished, they close that chapter and head into the next: Really Awkward Dinner. In case you don't know how Whitney feels from her face, the producers have Beyoncé sing us out -- "You're just a boy. You don't understand." -- while Jay frantically buries his face in the menu to avoid Whitney's laser-like gaze of discontent.

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