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Previously: Erin couldn't follow the sage advice of Tim Gunn and "Make it work!" with her out-of-town boyfriend. Whitney senselessly (or contractually) tried to befriend Olivia. Jay's sleazeball roommate cheated on his whiny girlfriend, with virtually no consequences. Now they can return to model Camelot!

Delicatessen restaurant. Whitney, Erin, Sammi and A-holette have a totally Sex and the City meet-up, and Erin admires how fabulous the others' lives are. She wants to come out of the closet -- as a high-profile stylist, that is! Like the fools of Fashionista, she thinks working retail is a top-notch, launching-pad experience for said career path. A-holette thinks she would be a great fit at One Model Management, where she and A-hole have contracts. She offers to set something up with the guy in charge. It's actually a really wonderful thing to do. I almost don't hate A-holette when she's being proactive, not insanely overdramatically reactive.

Whitney changes the subject and invites everyone to Kelly Cutrone's birthday party. Now that would be an awesome event at which to be a fly on the wall. I wouldn't actually want to be an active presence, of course, because Kelly might give me a tongue lashing, but imagine watching her demoralize young fashionistas. Um, oh yeah, spoiler alert... I guess. Somewhat ironically, A-holette is super-excited to attend the party, because she needs a girls' night. I assume this one, unlike the boys' night, doesn't involve unabashed cheating. We'll see... Credits.

Erin shows up at One Management for her job interview. They show all the headshot of the models, including A-holette (a.k.a. the exotic "Alexandra C."), and she does look pretty damn gorgeous. Granted, that's her job. A friendly fellow named Dan ushers her into her interview room to meet Scott Lipps, the president. Seriously, why didn't he name the company Lipps Inc.? Every time he walks into a room, he could play "Funkytown." Synergy! Erin regales him with her "unofficial" styling exploits -- whatever that means -- and praises the company's presence and mission. He, in turn, praises her personal style. It's a pretty standard interview, which makes it astoundingly competent for the dimwits on this show. Remember Heidi's college interview? And Lauren's Teen Vogue interview? Shudder.They get along exceptionally well, and he offers her the job on the spot. Happens to me every time!

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