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The next day, Dan shows Erin the ropes at One Management. The most important rule is to pretend you know who you're talking to and treat them like they're important and not just idiot stick figures. Yep, that's the fashion and entertainment world in a nutshell. Scott joins the conversation to give Erin the intro talk that Kelly never bothered to give Whitney or Lauren. He seems like a good guy, though I have a strange hunch that there's probably a rage problem under there. Either way, he concludes the conversation by inviting her to a company party that night. He leaves, and Erin does what you do at work if you're on an MTV reality show -- talk about her personal life. Dan is pretty excited to hear about the new/old guy. She drolls, "I'm not trying to put a ring on my finger."

That night at Scott's party, for some reason EVERYONE Whitney has every met in New York is there (minus trucker hat-wearer Alex, though that would have been pretty kick-ass). How convenient. Scott raises a toast, and everyone seems jovial. But it wouldn't be The City without some unnecessary tension, so Kelly shows up. A-holette snarks that her best friend has arrived. Kelly immediately apologizes to A-holette for calling her a stick insect, but she makes it clear that she considers A-holette weak by claiming she devastated her. Instead of just moving on like a grown-up girl, A-holette leans over to her dickwad boyfriend, who is not known for his maturity or self-control, and gets all territorial. Kelly just makes things worse when she starts asking about Whitney and even suggests that Whitney should be a model with One. Dagger eyes from the A-holes. P.S. Why is Jay there? He looks exceptionally uncomfortable... and maybe a little confused.

Eventually A-holette and A-hole step to the side to shit-talk Kelly. A-hole offers to say something to her... because, again, that's what men do -- yell at women to defend their bitches. Yeesh. A-holette calls out Kelly for being on a manipulative power trip, taking some pleasure from upsetting a weakling. Which, fair enough. It is the Cutrone M.O. Cut to Kelly pointedly joking, "The good thing about going to parties with models is no one eats," then stuffing a dumpling into her mouth. Ha! Admittedly, it's a pretty ass-y move, but you have to love her for not giving a damn and just playing with these nimrods' heads. It's almost too easy.

A new day, the same drama. Whitney enters DVF and spots some strange things a-brewin'. You and I understand it to be work, but Lord knows what Whitney must make of it. She sits down and immediately starts shooting the shit with Olivia re: the Cutrone Cataclysm. She gives Olivia the rundown, and Olivia makes some nonsensical comment about Shamu walking down the runway. She appears to find it funny. I have no idea why. Whitney is pretty torn up about how demeaning Kelly was. Olivia tells her to let it go. Yeah, just like how Olivia has let go of this whole notion of rescuing Whitney from the perils of Downtown life... Whitney is not sure she can.

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