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Previously: Whitney started to wise up to why everyone hates Olivia. And it wasn't all Nevan's fault, but he was certainly a large factor in the equation. Because Nevan sucks. Fact. Erin shared several smooches with an ex, much to the chagrin of her current beau. A-hole let his gf A-holette move in, and she just wouldn't leave, which is beginning to wear thin on A-hole's bromance with Jay...

At Whitters' apartment, our huh-roine updates Erin on the growing friction between Jay and A-hole since A-holette moved in "temporarily"... four months ago. Erin says she can't imagine those two living together, and Whitney utters the fateful words, "I could not imagine having someone live with me. There's no way... there's no way!" Mark those, m'dears. They switch gears to a party they're attending that night. They agree that the dress code is festive, not fancy. Which means what, exactly? Like, should you show up in a skirt made entirely of disco balls and gingerbread men? That's festive. Either way, the party is at Jay and A-hole's friend's house. Get this -- his name is Smooth. Was he formerly a contestant on I Love New York? Maybe so -- his apartment is outfitted with a stripper pole. And tonight there will be live strippers. Maybe that's what a "festive" dress code entails? Erin says that Duncan will arrive in NYC soon and will be coming to the party, too. She admits she's nervous because of the whole JR situation. She trites, "I wish you could have your cake and eat it, too!" And by "cake," I'm pretty sure she means "cock." Whitney laughs mischievously. Credits.

Whitney and her coworkers have a lunchtime Christmas party at DVF. Wine is flowing. Please let someone throw up on Olivia! Someone asks if everyone knows all of the fashion mag editors' names. Olivia sing-songily smugs, "I do!!!" The person says she heard that's the kind of know-how you need to get into fashion PR. At this, Olivia actually offers to sit down and practice the names with the person. Like, she's planning on making flash cards and shit. Whitney starts talking, but never mind that, because Prof. Olivia just keeps yammering, shocked and amazed that she actually has something of value to add to the conversation... kind of. Naturally, no one listens because they would rather (or at least are contractually bound to) listen to Whitney. Turns out, Whitney once told Graydon Carter, editor of Vanity Fair to vacate his seat at Fashion Week, because she didn't recognize him. Whoops! If she didn't bring ridiculous amounts of TV exposure to the company, that would surely be a fireable offense.

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