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Zucker Said Knock You Out

Now Peter walks alone through the empty gym as he voice-overs that he's been fighting since he was five years old. "Where do I go from here?" he asks us, and then he snuffs out this show's torch by hanging up his gloves on the gym wall. Chime hit! He walks outside onto the cold, empty downtown-adjacent L.A. streets…where he is immediately mugged by a crackhead, run over by an uninsured illegal immigrant driving a 1985 Honda Prelude, and then comically stumbles into the middle of a Bruce Willis movie shoot. And…credits.

Phew. That was…really good?

The next… Thursday. Sly yells at Ahmed. Ahmed's grudge with Ishe heats up. George Foreman arrives to share some grilling tips. A new challenge. A family comes together. Family family family. Sly and Sugar Ray recoil while watching the fight that, we're told, will bring us to our feet. Jesse then recites bad lines in his fey voice, "Shut up. Put up. Go hard. Or go home!" Go home, Jesse.

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