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Zucker Said Knock You Out

Back at The Gym That Katzenberg Built. Ishe continues to taunt Ahmed, who, as Sugar Ray notes, is getting flustered. Ishe looks just like Redman from Wu Tang Clan and a bad Fox sitcom. Ishe tells us he has a good mind and is going to use it. Ahmed yells something about the size of his balls and Ishe, hanging out of the window holding what looks very much like two goldfish in a plastic bag (like he's just been fired from his sports agent job), continues to taunt. Afterward, Tommy tells Ahmed that he's already letting Ishe get into his head. Sugar Ray tells Ahmed that he was the best, next to Ali, at the head game and he has to not let Ishe get into his head. Sure, now you tell him.

Third shot of a train, which has now become The Official Symbol of Poor Boxers. Peter's family at the Craftsman-style house they're lodged in for the show. Peter comes to visit his wife and young daughter. Daughter wants to see Mickey Mouse. They play. They play. She's cute. Yamilka, the wife, camera-talks. Peter camera-talks about running and working and boxing and going to school and what a hard life it is. He then asks his daughter if she wants to see him fight. Uh, no! Are you crazy? But kids are like trained monkeys and she says that yes, she wants to see her dad get punched for money. Yamilka camera-talks, smug as hell, that "they" shouldn't pick her husband to go up against because they're going to lose. She laughs an evil, gold-digging laugh. Peter says he can't lose in front of his daughter, and that he has to win, and the daughter laughs the Toddler Giggle Of Foreshadowing.

Night. Another train! Trains equal poor! The fighters eat. Sly and Sugar Ray saunter in. They compliment Sly's movies and he gives a detached "I appreciate it" and looks down, thinking, "Holy shitballs, I was once the biggest box office draw in the world. Did I sell my soul to the wrong demon? What happened?!" Jesse camera-talks about how great and inspiring the Rocky movies were to him. And as usual when meeting Sly for the first time, it only takes about ten seconds for the shit-talking to start, and someone makes fun of Oscar, and then Sugar Ray disses Daylight, and Sly actually looks a little hurt. He'd be crying if the facelift hadn't made that a physical impossibility. Miguel camera-talks about how they were talking with Sly just like they were his friends…except Sly's friends don't come over much anymore, since it's too sad to see him these days getting excited about landing a small part in a children's movie or a cancelled-before-it-started movie in which Suge Knight plays himself being accused of killing Tupac. Sly then tells some weird arm-wrestling stories that turn out to be untrue. He walks away laughing. The fuck? Commercials.

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