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Allah Is Great; Ahmed, Not So Much

The announcement. It's unanimous again. Ahmed holds up his arm, but it's Ishe! Ishe jumps up onto the top rope. Mr. T. has Rocky III flashbacks but manages to stay in his seat. Latoya yells, "That's right!" The West fighters are happy. Ahmed is not. Brandy shakes her head. Ishe camera-talks, "My cancer is gone. I'm a happy man tonight." He tells us that he thought it was one of his better fights and that it feels great to be the man who sends Ahmed home. Ishe kisses his family and Kill Bill pumps his fist and "West Siiiide!" Oh, give it a rest, will youse?

Ahmed walks off alone. Stallone meets Ahmed out in the blue-lit hall, telling him he's a great guy and he'll miss him. Ahmed says that he'll be back. I hope not. Ahmed babbles to us that Ishe won the fight but in "people's eyes" he's the winner. Wha? Huh? Locker room. Ahmed looks in the mirror and says that he has no scratches. He camera-talks, wearing a Scarface suit, completely rambling that his punches were harder and he'll "never go down." He takes a shower, then looks in the mirror. "Still look good!" he says. He says that there is going to be a rematch and he promises that next time he'll beat Ishe. Ahmed hangs up his gloves. Then, just to reverse the trend of us feeling bad for the loser, Ahmed actually says these words all in a row: "I'm a warrior and I'm not going to quit. Number one. Holly-wood!" He pumps his fist and then looks down, wondering how he came to be such a dickface. Ahmed walks out of the gym alone. Chime. Credits. Fade to black.

Next Sunday. A challenge that will test their limits. There's hauling a pick-up truck involved. Someone will leave for an "unexpected reason." Sly gets a movie offer? No. It has to be something that could actually happen. Sly shocks the West by telling them they have to vote on bringing one of the three eliminated guys back. Whoa. That's fucked. Sugar Ray talks to the returning fighter, who we can't see. Shot of Najai's family. Ow. Boston Jeff and his family. Latoya cries. Familyfamilyfamily. Bye!

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