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Shot of the Bone Yard, where Jonathan's gloves are now hanging. Sly gathers the fighters together. He says that last night was a good fight, a strategic fight. Jesse's poster is now hanging next to Alfonso's, and Sly gives Jesse the Gold Gloves necklace. Sugar Ray, drinking Gatorade!, says that the necklace looks good on him. The East is silent. Sly tells the West to get ready -- because of Jesse's win, they get a reward. More burgers with Foreman? Oh boy oh boy oh boy!

Outside. Clouds roll. Tommy. The West fighters are now dressed and Tommy comes out wearing sunglasses, a porkpie hat, and a pink t-shirt. Oh, pants, too, don't worry. Nothing weirder than a man in a shirt and no pants. Tommy says, "I'm going to take youse on a treat and show you how the other half lives."

Outside, the boys get into a Hummer stretch and Jesse voice-overs that this "one" is probably going to be better than the last "one." They arrive in the shit-ass part of Hollywood Blvd. at Lioni, a store that, it appears, specializes in suits for men who prostitute women out for a living. Tommy tells the guys once they're inside the store that they each get to pick out a whole wardrobe. Ishe wonders if they'll have to return it. Hee. Tommy, smiling, tells them to just pick it out, "baby." The guys are really happy. Ishe camera-talks that like a lot of the guys, he's never owned a suit before. Ishe picks out a pimpy powder blue number. Sergio stands looking baffled and Jesse picks up on it. As Tommy comes to help him pick one out, Sergio camera-talks, a little misty, that he's never owned a suit in his life and he's always wanted one. Tommy does a whole shtick where he pretends to be able to tell Sergio's suit size by the diameter of his fist. If that were true, I'd be a 52 long. Sergio continues how much he likes Tommy, that he's a "character." Ishe tells Tommy that he's "no joke." Tommy responds, "What do you think, I'm just a pretty face?" Alfonso laughs, then camera-talks about the suit-buying. Then Tommy, wearing a giant Fat Albert hat, camera-talks about how great it was to see all the guys getting suits. We get various shots of Jesse asking Tommy about shoes. Tommy says that the guys got really serious about making sure everything matched, down to the socks and shoes. Tommy shows Sergio how to tie a tie. Very touching moment. Tommy tells us that he doesn't want to get too corny but it was very emotional buying the guys suits. Sergio says that he's done, and hugs Tommy. Tommy says, "See, the old guy ain't a bad guy, you know what I mean?" Tommy says that seeing a guy who is twenty-two years old and has never owned a suit before get one was great. Sergio says, trying on his suit, "God bless America." And then Sergio tells us how big his smile is and how good he feels and looks and fighting is the last thing on his mind right now. Sergio: cool guy.

The fighters emerge from the store, and it's dark out now; man, that took a long time. I hope they didn't get Joey's old tailor from Friends. Tommy says that they walked out of the store new men, all proud of how they looked and walking taller. We see Tommy help finish Alfonso's hideous white pimp number. He's wearing a hat just like Tommy's, and Tommy tells us that he wears a hat, so they all wanted hats. "Thanks, Jesse," Anthony says. Ishe does not. They ride back in the limo in their suits, laughing and feeling great. "That's why it's important to win," says Jesse. Everyone laughs. Commercials.

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