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Allah Is Great; Ahmed, Not So Much

Round Two. Both fighters wait and Ahmed misses, then ducks right into one of Ishe's punches. Hee. Brandy grimaces. Fighting. Fighting. Ishe misses. They trade a lot of blows. Ahmed keeps doing taunting motions and then getting his ass walloped. It's hysterical. James Caan "oooh"s. Slo-mo Ishe hits. Pharrell is glum. Sly yells something to Ishe. Ishe slaps Ahmed with a left. End of round.

Corners. Jesse yells, "Wake up! What are you doing?"

Bald Cornerman tells Ishe to look at his family.

Ahmed is now getting desperate and he grabs Ishe's head and pushes him backwards. He gets a warning. Latoya yells. Brandy is already writing her "Dear Ahmed" letter. Ishe just keeps punching away and Sly is discouraged. "Ah, come on," he slurs. Ahmed pulls down on Ishe's head again and Latoya yells and then Ahmed flips off either Bald Cornerman or, probably, Latoya. Whoa! That's a bad move. Latoya then yells back, "You sad cuz you losin'!" Brandy hears and makes a "Oh no she didn't!" face and is so incensed she has to get up. Oh, Brandy, I would leave it alone. You do not want to mess with Latoya. She has God on her side. Ahmed closes out the round by getting in a few good series of punches. The bell rings. Sly gives Sugar Ray a look. The West boys think the round was "close."

Corner. Jimmy tells Ahmed that Ishe is breathing hard and to "go get him."

Round Four. Ahmed comes out hard. He staggers Ishe with a hard right to the face. Ishe battles back and then ref yells for them to stop and then as they're separating, Ahmed blindsides Ishe. Dirty shot. "Hey! Hey!" yells Latoya. "You just going to let him do that?" she wonders. Guess so. Ahmed ends the round also strong and Ishe is clearly mad at the ref and Latoya chews her gum pensively.

Bald Cornerman tells Ishe not to give him this fight and Alfonso is up there yelling at him too. Tommy is yelling at Ahmed, whose mouth guard drops out of his mouth when he sits down. Uh-oh. "Don't wake up tomorrow in a hotel!" they yell at Ishe. Both fighters are getting yelled at by the corner people as the ring man announces the last round. Everyone stands up.

Round Five. Sly creaks to his feet. Brandy is nervous. Ahmed comes strong but Ishe goes into slo-mo and whacks him with a right to the face and left to the body. Now Ishe is just punishing him and Brandy is bummed and Latoya is yelling and Ahmed keeps missing and the bell rings and Bald Cornerman picks up Ishe but Ahmed is living in his own world and he jumps up on the ropes and mugs to the crowd. Close-up on Brandy smiling weakly. So dumped, Ahmed. Better sign up on because your shit is single. Sly winks at Ahmed. Yeah. Winks "goodbye."

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The Contender




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