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Vegas, baby! VEGAS!

Syd gets back online with Dixon just in time to inform him that Dahlgren's got a flush. What will Dixon do?! They HAVE to have that ring! My knuckles are bloody from biting! Actually, they're bloody because I keep punching the screen with my fist, but that's not important right now. Even though Dix now knows he has zero chance of winning, he pulls the replacement ring out of his pocket, palms it, tosses down his non-winning hand, and reaches out for the loot, swiftly replacing the real ring with the replacement. Dahlgren stops Dixon before he can fully grab the loot and shows his cards, announcing himself the winner. Dix acts like a good sport and gets up to leave.

Unfortunately, at this very moment, Syd catches the casino manager coming down the hallway, flanked by two security guards. She informs Dix that something's gone wrong. Dixon gets hauled out into the hallway and the manager tells him that, according to his "attaché," he's still stuck in Jamaica. Syd shows up just then and, even though she's wearing an outfit manufactured from leftover heating materials, she manages to kick some major security-guard ass. We all just have to assume that, even though this is a Las Vegas casino, there are no security cameras anywhere in this particular hallway. Because, you know, casinos don't like to know what's happening in their private gaming rooms, like, EVER.

The Apartment Of Woes And Weddings. Francie's telling Syd her We Won Thousands Of Dollars In Vegas And All I Got Was This Cheating Boyfriend story. Except without the cheating part. That's coming up. Francie's all, thanks for talking to Charlie about not getting married. Syd's all, I can't believe that asslick didn't tell Francie what I told him to tell her. Syd takes it upon herself to tell her friend the truth, ignoring Lois Lame's suggestion that she get Francie good and sauced beforehand. Francie doesn't it take it well. Actually, she accuses Sydney of never liking Charlie in the first place and says Syd's making this whole thing up just because she doesn't want them to get married. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. It's actually a well-appointed community on the North Side of Chicago, complete with cushy sofas and American Spirit cigarettes. It's really nice here, kids. You should come and visit.

Francie goes on to bitch at Sydney about her job and how she doesn't even know her anymore, nor does she want to. Then Francie bolts and we go to commercial as Sydney retreats into her little corner of confusion. We do get the answer to the "Are Syd and Francie roommates" question, however, something that's been plaguing us on the forums for quite awhile. Francie used to live with Charlie, but now she's living with Sydney. Why? I don't know. Does it matter? No, not really. But, then, neither does this whole Francie/Charlie cheating storyline either, now does it?

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