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Vegas, baby! VEGAS!

By the way, Resident Evil: The Movie? Looks like ASS. Personally, I loved playing that game. I still love playing it. It still scares the hell out of me. And that movie? Looks like it's gonna be scary. IN ALL THE WRONG WAYS.

Back from the break, Syd's filling in Lois Lame on the cheating Charlie conversation. Syd's all sad, because Francie's probably not gonna want to be her friend after this. Sob. Not. Then Syd lightens the moment by asking Willage if he has any more hickeys. EW. I must say, though, that I kind of like this whole "Syd and Will as friends" thing much more than the "Syd and Will as potential lovers" thing. This makes much more sense and their conversations aren't nearly as annoying. This, of course, means that Willage isn't nearly as annoying, which means that I don't get to make as much fun of him as I usually do, but c'est la vie, ya know?

Syd's cellphone rings and it's Spy Daddy, informing her that Vegas was a success -- in spite of Syd's ball-dropping antics, of course. Spy Daddy goes on to tell her that SD-6 intercepted the Dahlgren call and that linguistics is in the process of translating it. He then asks Syd to meet him somewhere.

"Somewhere" turns out to be a carousel out in the middle of some park. Syd wants to know why they're at this particular location, and Spy Daddy tells her that she always loved this spot. Spy Momsky and Spy Daddy used to bring Spy Barbie here when she was little. Awwww, a little Spy Family outing! How cute. And sad, actually. Spy Daddy looks tenderly at his daughter and tells her the sweet story of how they used to watch Spy Baby ride around on the carousel as he and Spy Momsky talked about the future. "And," he says, "foolishly, my work at the CIA." Oops. Spy Daddy goes on to talk to Sydney about the school situation, and apologizes for being out of practice when it comes to personal issues. Basically, he tells her that, even though her mother was a duplicitous bitch, it doesn't mean that Syd shouldn't continue with her education. "If you stick with it," he says, "you could become the kind of teacher your students will always remember." "Thank you," says Sydney, rather emotionally. The corner of Spy Daddy's mouth sort of twitches into a half-smile. Victor Garber rules. The scene ends with the two of them wistfully watching the merry-go-round as the tinny carousel music floats over them. Yes, this scene rocked. No argument here.

Conference Room Of Double Agents And The Men They're Trying To Take Down. Sloane informs his agents that linguistics decoded Dahlgren's phone call, but they still don't know who the mystery agency is or just who's behind it. Learning this information and getting a visual ID of "The Man" is their top priority. "I'm tired of referring to him as 'The Man,'" finishes Sloane. So are we all, Arvin. Spy Daddy tells Syd and Dix that the K-Directorate meeting is to take place in twenty hours in an office building in Moscow. Dix and Syd are to survey the meeting in the hopes of obtaining info that will lead SD-6 to "The Man."

Later that same day (although, if Syd's getting her ass to Moscow, this better not be MUCH later that same day), Agent Apathy and Syd are meeting to discuss her counter-mission. Vaughn hands over a flash memory card that's compatible with the surveillance camera that Syd will be using in Moscow. He tells her to just leave it in the seat pocket of 15-C on her flight home and one of the CIA agents will pick it up. Vaughn then broaches the subject of Syd's announcement last week that she wanted to quit SD-6. "I was being naive," says Syd. "No, but, um," stammers Vaughn, "what you said about wanting to go to a hockey game...I don't mean to be part of your life, I, uh, I think I wasn't clear about something." Vaughn then takes a huge breath and screams, "I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU!" Or, you know, he just says, "It would be nice to be in public with you, to actually get to look at you. Grab a pizza or go to a hockey game...I...I wasn't clear that I would really like that, too." Awwww...Agent Apathy's all in lurve with Spy Barbie! He's all Agent Amorous now! Kiss her! KISS HER! Dammit. I can't wait til Syd's no longer a spy and she can plant a big wet one on Agent Amorous's pursed little lips!

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