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Vegas, baby! VEGAS!

Then we're checking in with The Useless Story Of The Week, Charlie and Francie in Vegas, baby, VEGAS. They're sitting at a gambling table, and Francie's all calling Syd on her cell phone, wanting to hook up that night. Francie spies an ad for a wedding chapel and starts yammering on about getting married right there and then. Yawn.

Meanwhile, Syd's watching Dixon's progress through the casino. He makes it into Dahlgren's lair and joins in on the poker game that's currently in progress. Dixon starts betting high and keeps the pressure on. Of course, Syd's helping him by feeding Dix Dahlgren's hand via an earpiece. Good thing he's wearing that ugly-ass wig so no one can see that piece of plastic in his ear. Betting. And we're betting. And we're BORED. Dahlgren's losing big, and he's none too pleased about it.

Of course, at this very moment, Syd manages to catch a glimpse of Francie and Charlie entering a wedding chapel. You know, because there are only, like, THREE surveillance cameras throughout the ENTIRE casino. Syd's greatly panicked by this observation but, because she's a consummate professional, she ignores Francie's potentially bad decision and stays with Dixon so that they can complete their assignment. Or maybe she dumps Dixon and runs off to stop Francie and Charlie from getting married. Jesus. Hi, Syd? It's called a PERSONAL LIFE. As in NOT PROFESSIONAL? Say it with me, people: WHATEVER.

Francie and Charlie are signing the registry when Syd shows up. Syd's all, dude? Charlie? We need to have some WORDS, brother. She pulls him off and tells him about Stella. Blah blah blah stupid storycakes. Syd swears that if Charlie doesn't tell Francie about Stella, she will. Then she stalks off, leaving Charlie to deal with the mess that is Francie's life.

Back in The Private Casino, Dix is attempting to beat the pants off Dahlgren with absolutely NO help from Sydney whatsoever. Dahlgren declares that this is his last hand. Oh, the suspense! Not. Then we're back with the dumb-ass Francie thing, and Charlie's telling her that they have to talk. Then Syd's walking through the casino, and she passes the casino manager just as he's getting a phone call from what we can assume is one of his security guys. Then we're back again with the retardation that is Francie's storyline and Charlie's all, we can't get married like this because we need to do it right. Gah! Come on! Like we CARE. Lord Almighty.

Once again, we're back in The Private Casino, and Dahlgren's betting it all. They've both run out of chips, so Dixon bets "something personal," thereby leading Dahlgren to bet his ring. You know, the ring that Dixon needs to steal? Yeah, that one. Dahlgren's all, this is just a stupid piece of crap fraternity ring, and it ain't worth nothin'. Dixon's all, it's worth sumtin ta you, mon, so it's worth sumtin ta me.

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