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Cabin Pressure

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Cabin Pressure

In an airplane cockpit, a captain and co-pilot make small talk. The captain is a single British rapscallion type, while the co-pilot is happily married. A flight attendant named Nicole buzzes and is allowed entry. She announces that a passenger has already missed his connection, and the three of them discuss how ridiculous it is, since they're only running thirty minutes behind schedule. Nicole asks if they need anything else, and the captain makes a flirty remark, to which Nicole rolls her eyes and leaves. Nicole talks to another flight attendant about how the captain just flirts because he's bored and pilots don't have enough to do anymore.

Johnny and Rev. Purdy sit in the plane -- in First Class, natch. Johnny says that he can't believe Purdy talked him into doing some public speaking event, thus explaining what they're doing on the plane. Purdy tells Johnny to think of it as another classroom, albeit with a much larger audience. Johnny can't believe he's speaking after Alan Greenspan, and Purdy says that Greenspan is "an old friend of Faith Heritage." Purdy wants Johnny to shake Greenspan's hand so he can find out if the interest rate will be going down. Johnny shoots him a look, and Purdy says he's kidding. Johnny wiggles around some and explains that whoever sat in his seat on the previous flight must have been scared of flying. Nicole comes by and offers Johnny a cookie. Nicole says that they have just under an hour until they land. Johnny takes the cookie and goes into a vision of the plane in a dive, and Nicole flying up and hitting her head on the ceiling and then falling to the floor, dead. Yikes.

Nicole tells the other flight attendant that Johnny is a "seat gripper." Meanwhile, Johnny tells Purdy about his vision. Purdy tries to explain it away as paranoia from the previous passenger, or even something from a future flight. Johnny explains that he saw Nicole, and he knows it was the flight they are currently on. Purdy asks when it's going to happen. The other flight attendant comes down the aisle and Johnny asks for another cookie. He takes it, and goes into another vision of the dive. Johnny manages to freeze the action and wander about the plane. He finally finds a passenger wearing a watch and sees that the time is 10:54 PM. He snaps out of it; the flight attendant says that they're experiencing normal turbulence and Johnny shouldn't worry, and then walks off. Johnny tells Purdy what time he saw, and Purdy says that's only forty minutes away. Purdy decides that they need to tell the captain. Johnny doesn't think the captain will believe it, but Purdy does. Johnny says he needs to find out "how, why...or who." Johnny gets up to walk around the plane and try to solve the mystery.

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