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Cabin Pressure

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Cabin Pressure

Johnny walks back into the Coach section with the peasants. He carefully touches each row of seats as he makes his way to the back of the plane. About halfway back, he has a quick vision of a gun in a holster. He looks at the people in the row he was touching when the vision happened, and then returns to his own seat and tells Purdy what he saw. Purdy is shocked that it got past Security. My first thought? Air marshal. I mean, duh. Purdy thinks he should speak to the captain first, since he "has a certain credibility" and "can be very convincing when [he] need[s] to be."

Purdy asks the flight attendant if he can speak with the captain. She tells him that's not possible given the new security regulations. Purdy insists, and we learn that the flight attendant's name is Larraine. Purdy explains who he is, but she already knows, and it doesn't matter. Purdy drops the bomb (heh) about the gun, and Larraine looks concerned. She gets buzzed into the cockpit and tells the captain what's up, explaining that Purdy isn't some loony. The co-pilot tells the captain to go see what's going on.

The captain exits the cockpit. Purdy explains that someone in Row 26 has it. The captain orders Larraine to pull the manifest and asks if Purdy saw the gun himself. Purdy says that his colleague did, "in a manner of speaking." The captain is confused, and Purdy explains about Johnny's powers. Purdy calls Johnny up to meet the captain. Johnny explains about his visions and the captain looks even more doubtful about the whole thing as he pages through the manifest. He asks Johnny if one of the passengers in that row was a Korean woman. Johnny confirms it. The captain explains that the woman is an air marshal, which Johnny isn't supposed to know. Well, way to keep a secret, captain. Johnny says he saw the plane go into a dive at 10:54 P.M. The captain says that he thought this was about a gun. Purdy tries to explain, but the captain reminds them that it's a felony to disrupt a commercial flight. Johnny tries to convince the captain to do something, but the captain says he deals in facts, not feelings. He thinks maybe Johnny saw some turbulence that looked like a dive, and promises to prevent it if it does come up. The captain orders Purdy and Johnny to return to their seats. Johnny stares at the captain real hard. The captain stares back. Johnny backs down and leaves. The captain tells Larraine to keep an eye on Johnny. The captain goes back into the cockpit and tells the co-pilot what happened. The co-pilot has heard of Johnny, calling him "the real deal." The captain isn't convinced.

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