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Cabin Pressure

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Cabin Pressure

Having returned to their seats, Purdy tells Johnny that the captain could be right about the turbulence thing, and points out that Johnny didn't actually see a crash. Johnny breathes deeply and says that the plane was tilted and people were screaming. Johnny rubs his hands together like Mr. Miyagi and then starts moving his hands around the seat in front of him and then the air vent above him. He goes into another vision of the dive. People scream. Purdy prays. Johnny looks out the window and sees the engine spark and then explode. The side of the plane breaks apart and a bunch of people are sucked out the window. That seems like a simple sentence, but it was a pretty cool effect. Johnny snaps out of it and tells Purdy, "I think we can rule out turbulence." Then he stares, unblinking.

Purdy uses the seatback phone to make a call. Johnny says that he's going to tell the captain to check the right engine, and then asks Purdy whom he's calling. Purdy is calling the CEO of the airline. Johnny walks toward the cockpit, and the flight attendants ask him to return to his seat. Johnny explains about the right engine and insists on seeing the captain. Larraine leaves to go to the main cabin, leaving Nicole alone with Johnny, which seemed weird. Nicole starts gushing over Johnny, and how he's saved people's lives. Johnny begs her to help him. Nicole realizes that Johnny had a vision when he touched her, and starts freaking out. Johnny tells her that if he can talk to the captain, they can change things and nothing will happen. Nicole touches Johnny and he goes into a quick vision of her charred hand lying in the grass. Ew. Nicole tells Johnny that the door is locked from the inside so he can't get in. The air marshal shows up and introduces herself, saying that she's been informed of Johnny's concerns. Johnny tries to explain, but the air marshal isn't having it, and orders Johnny to sit with her for the rest of the flight. Johnny resists, and the air marshal tells him that she is "fully capable of using any force necessary" to make Johnny comply with her request. Johnny nods, and then urges Nicole to tell the captain to check the right engine. He walks off with the air marshal. As Johnny passes his original seat, we see that Purdy still hasn't gotten through to the airline CEO.

The air marshal takes Johnny to the rear of the plane and asks him to put down his cane. She starts asking him a series of questions about medications and mental illness. Johnny insists that he's a rational person, but that, given what he knows about the future of the flight, it's difficult for him to play by the rules. The air marshal informs Johnny that she's going to pat him down. I think I saw a porno that started out this way.

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